Wright: Learning and Growing

Freshman free safety Major Wright is in a battle with senior Kyle Jackson for the starting role. Earlier this week, Wright talked about his first road trip as a Gator and what he expects from Auburn.

When you left the stadium, how did you feel?

Major Wright: "I felt like it was our first away SEC game and I kinda figured it was going to be pretty tough. The coaches and a lot of the older guys just told us to go out there and stay focused because things are going to get tough on you."

Coach Meyer said it was circus Saturday morning. Can you describe what it was like getting woken up like that?

MW: "Oh it was very early. For a game, we've never woken up that early. It was crazy and everything was going fast. You just have to catch the moment and keep moving. Coach Doc [Holliday] always comes in to get me."

Was the road game everything you expected?

MW: "Yeah, it was everything I expected. Crazy…their fans booing, it was kinda crazy."

Coach Meyer said the secondary kinda got exposed in that game. What's going on back there?

MW: "It's a lot of young guys and a lot of great opportunities for us to learn and learn from our mistakes. I look at myself and look at the mistakes that I made. And I ask myself, how can I correct them?"

You were in on a few pass breakups with Joe Haden last game. Can you talk about going through the same learning process with him being a true freshman also?

MW: "Well for one, Joe's a great athlete. I love that kid. Going through that same process with him, we're both learning on that same level. We're learning how to break on balls and learning how to approach things. And I feel like we're both going through that same transition."

How do you think Auburn is going to come at you guys?

MW: "I guess they might challenge us a lot. That's why as a secondary we have to go out and work hard this whole week."

In the fourth quarter of ball games when Tebow starts running the ball, how confident are you?

MW: "I'm very confident, you know. I know he lives for that moment. I really trust him since he's our quarterback. I know when the ball is in his hands, it's alright."

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