Thursday Night Chat Transcript

Here's the transcript from Jason Higdon's Thursday night chat with questions and answers from Gator commit Dee Finley.

BocaGtr66 hey scott Jay has DEE Finley coming in shortly to chat

JasonHigdon gents how goes it

Coolgtr> good deal

pogfee welcome

Coolgtr> how ya been?

LutzGator great

JasonHigdon Dee will join me on the phone at 10 for some questions from you guys

BocaGtr66 Jay your making me work hard entertaining waiting on you

JasonHigdon what up Cool

pogfee Boca, you were entertaining.... news to me

BocaGtr66 My math qiz was great

JasonHigdon about as exciting as the spider web I just walked through coming in the house

LutzGator 8 + 2 =11

JasonHigdon AJ Jenkins will be in Saturday....100% off the record

LutzGator any others?

BocaGtr66 I had time to catch up with my South Florida contacts today.

JasonHigdon For those that get ESPNU, Will Hill, SR. called to tell me his game is on Friday night

pogfee yeah, DVR is set

pogfee have to watch USF game though

JasonHigdon Lutz--no one knows who actually will show up but a TON of unofficials we will know about Saturday am

LutzGator should be another great atmosphere

JasonHigdon TJ will be at the game as well as Dee Finley and Jeremy Brown

pogfee good, lets have Jeremy keep recruiting for us

JasonHigdon Have a feeling that some of our kids will actively recruit from here on out

Coolgtr> J _ where do you see D'Anton Lynn on our board?

JasonHigdon well, he plays a TON of different spots.....he could play WR, CB etc...or maybe Jeremy plays WR...never know

JasonHigdon The interesting thing is the frequency that Cyrus is talking to the staff!

JasonHigdon 3 different coaches just about every week

Coolgtr> J - who does Cyrus have leading in your opinion?

LutzGator what about scott, harper and green?

JasonHigdon I know he likes A&M a bunch and after that I think it is UF...likes UF a TON and cant wait to come for a visit

JasonHigdon said he will visit before the playoffs start

LutzGator he is supposedly very athletic

Coolgtr> Do you think Gray is behind Scott and Harper or right there with them?

JasonHigdon Lutz, that's the million dollar question as I said earlier and I know it might be a stretch but I would NOT be shocked to see Green end up elsewhere depending on what happens wieh these other RB's

LutzGator no doubt

JasonHigdon I think based on location it is Harper first

JasonHigdon based on talent I think it is Scott-Harper

JasonHigdon I love BOTH though, and Cyrus is a top 15 player in the state of Texas.....

pogfee is Harper for sure a college RB?

pogfee i have heard he is a sick LB too

JasonHigdon po--cant imagine him being a better LB than a RB,,,,kid was flat out sick at FNL imo....amazing talent
BocaGtr66 Cause Harper already made the trip to Clemson nothing really holding him back

JasonHigdon 30 minutes I will get Dee Finley on the phone keep the questions coming but give me time to write his responses

JasonHigdon next week I will shoot for Will Hill

JasonHigdon ask whatever you want if its out of line I wont ask him, no worries

Gatornutt Seriously, who could really be pumped up about going to ND right now

BocaGtr66 But I talked to someone who is very close to

BocaGtr66 Sam Youngs dad and Sam is not tranfering

JasonHigdon man did he make a bad choice

JasonHigdon WOW

Gatornutt Armando Allen as well

JasonHigdon yep

pogfee they are getting plenty of playing time at least

JasonHigdon oh well what can you do....happens all the time

BocaGtr66 Jason Heard some good news from my south fla connect on PJ today

JasonHigdon nice!

JasonHigdon I do believe that it is UF and USC for PJ

pogfee no Miami now?

BocaGtr66 He is doing a story that will break in Sun-Sentinel next thurs paper

JasonHigdon I know what they say in public, I am just saying that I think NO WAY he goes to Miami when all is said and done

JasonHigdon all on PJ

JasonHigdon good stuff cant wait to read it....

Gatornutt How many CB's can we take in this class? Brown and Jenkins already.

BocaGtr66 Miami commit was a little premature is all I can say right now

JasonHigdon some of them will move, maybe but I believe we might take 4

BocaGtr66 Nutt if its a 5* CB bring him on

Gatornutt 4 CB's in this class?

pogfee we need 4

pogfee we have no depth right now

pogfee I would love Brandon Harris to be a Gator

JasonHigdon I know it sounds crazy in a year in which numbers might be down a bit but we do need them and with all the positive things going on with PJ and Brandon Harris and who knows what happens withe TJ yes I think 4 is the number

BocaGtr66 I will have some news on Brandon Harris late Friday

Gatornutt We have depth, just not experienced. Haden, Pierre-Louis, Rickerson, Anderson, Manson, Jenkins

JasonHigdon true Nutt, BUT I believe that IF the staff felt REAL GOOD on all those kids we would not be going after this many corners...

JasonHigdon we are also looking at TWO JUCO corners and if that is the case that screams that we dont have faith in the CB's on the team now

juco's scare the hell out of me

JasonHigdon remains to bee seen if we would take either of them but they both will visit

JasonHigdon me to

Gatornutt Then there has to be some current guys that will leave

JasonHigdon Marcus Udell and Traye Simmons

JasonHigdon 100%

Gatornutt I agree that you take a guy like Johnson if they want to come

pogfee what was that 100% for?

LutzGator how is their algebra sills?

JasonHigdon for guys that will leave the team next year

JasonHigdon just saying that 100% it will happen

pogfee CBs?

pogfee or players in general?

JasonHigdon in general

pogfee oh ok

Gatornutt Hill, Finley, Brown, and Jenkins are already a tremendous DB class. Throw in Johnson and call it a day, IMO

NothingRemains10 I'm sure you have covered it, but what is the latest with Chancey and why is he pro Texas now?

BocaGtr66 Think Maybe Mom put foot down on distance but we will see

NothingRemains10 Any new's on Jamie Harper and Marcus Davis?

JasonHigdon believe in the end that's the deal with him but he still mentions us as one of his top teams....

JasonHigdon steady as she goes with Harper.....

NothingRemains10 Any news with Patchan and when he may announce and how much of a Gator is he?

JasonHigdon not sure when he announces BUT I know we are at the top of his list, I will have up to the minutes info on him this weekend.....

gatortrace1 who do we go after if chancey chooses texas?

pogfee should we start thinking we have a good chance with Pryor?

JasonHigdon maybe just make sure we put all attention even more than it is now on W.Green.....might only take three DE's and use the ship elesewhere

pogfee we are apparently in his top 3

NothingRemains10 Any news on Cookie? Sabino?

JasonHigdon po---I am not holding my breath for that to happen but again you never know
Gatornutt Green, Sutton, and Okine are a very good DE class. I'd like to see us steal Hunter as our DT

JasonHigdon Sabino, I have written off a long time ago based on him recruiting away from UF when he was in town

JasonHigdon actually even before that

NothingRemains10 What about Ramon?

JasonHigdon Cookie will go down to the end imo.........let the canes get beat 4 more times and see what happens

turn1200 damn, we need cookie

Gatornutt Where do we stand with Beal, Buchanan,

NothingRemains10 is Spencer adams coming in this weekend?

JasonHigdon Beal I don't think you need to worry about at all from what I have been told....

JasonHigdon not for an official he isn't

JasonHigdon second week of October I believe

Gatornutt How many LB's in this class? Anyone besides Beal and Buchanan?

JasonHigdon BUT I also was told he will commit tenn week and that came and went

pogfee second week of october is a bye week

JasonHigdon i know

pogfee why would he come on an off week?

JasonHigdon he isn't

JasonHigdon he is in this weekend for his official

pogfee why did you write 2nd week of october? gatorjohnny Quit (Connection reset by peer (TCP/IP connection broken))

JasonHigdon I believe the second week of October is when he will announce

JasonHigdon but again, I was told he would announce tenn week and it did not happen

JasonHigdon just like I believe that Nov 4th Demps will pull the trigger

pogfee ahh gotcha

ozgator with antoine mcclain going to bama most likely does that help us with narett jones

ozgator barett

JasonHigdon cant hurt

gatortrace1 what are you hearing on jerrell harris lb out of alabama?

JasonHigdon lemme try and reach Barret real fast hold on

LutzGator jones was very impressed with his uf visit

LutzGator gave him something to think about

NothingRemains10 hear anything lately on Jeff Demps?

ozgator cant see bama taking 3 ots

JasonHigdon Demps I believe is in...

NothingRemains10 silent?

JasonHigdon no

NothingRemains10 ahh ok

ozgator cant see us taking davon johnson if we get demps and a j jenkins

JasonHigdon i can

JasonHigdon Davon's dad is Ben Hanks

NothingRemains10 so you think aj switches huh

ozgator 3 smallish wrs

JasonHigdon best friend is Brandon Harris

BocaGtr66 OZ Davon Johnson goes where Brandon Harris ends up

JasonHigdon not sure if he does or not but the staff is working him very hard

pogfee How old is Ben Hanks?

ozgator i think harris ends at miami

JasonHigdon step dad

pogfee that doesn't seem possible

NothingRemains10 34?

pogfee ahh

pogfee that makes more sense

JasonHigdon I thought the same thing

BocaGtr66 OZ Davon Johnson goes where Brandon Harris ends up

gatortrace1 Jason ,have you heard any news on jerrell harris?

JasonHigdon ZIP on him, Finley doesn't even know what's going on with him and they are pretty tight

ozgator seems to be some rumors around that john brown may play in the next few weeks

pogfee speaking of, aren't you going to call him?

JasonHigdon waiting on him....

pogfee ahh

JasonHigdon who is the ONE kid that you want more than any other kid in this class

pogfee who are you asking?

JasonHigdon all of you

BocaGtr66 Right now Patchan is my #1 priority

NothingRemains10 Jamie Harper for me

pogfee Darrell Scott

NothingRemains10 Patchan #2 Chancey #3

BocaGtr66 Just to scramble canes minds

JasonHigdon got dee

JasonHigdon fire away

JasonHigdon got ten minutes

BocaGtr66 Ask Dee if he is excited about making it to the Swamp this week

JasonHigdon very excited

Darrell Scott

LutzGator has he been talking to other recruits? what is the feeling with them?

BocaGtr66 Has he contacted any other commits

JasonHigdon ever since his first trip he has thought about I can't wait to come back

NothingRemains10 ask him if he plans on taking anymore visits?

LitiGator11 Is he going to take visits to schools other than Florida?

JasonHigdon Jermey Brown a bunch and we will meet up this weekend and we cant wait to hook up

BocaGtr66 great

JasonHigdon no I don't think I will

pogfee how hard is it to be a Florida commit in Auburn with all the local pressure?

tzgator ask Dee if he wants to play FS Or SS?

JasonHigdon hold on

BocaGtr66 what is his height and weight now

JasonHigdon kind of hard but that's the choice I made so it isn't to hard for me

NothingRemains10 ask him if he is going to come out and say he is a Gator after his trip and be firm and tell the other schools to not bother

LutzGator any other new recruits he feels will come with him? (bama guys or others)

JasonHigdon doesn't matter about where I play I just want to help the team anyway that I can

JasonHigdon he is coming down with his secondary coach I was trying to get Jerrell Harris to come with me but he is doing some other things

LitiGator11 Has he talked to Will Hill and what are his thoughts on Will's commitment

JasonHigdon been playing phone tag with him but cant wait to meet him as well

NothingRemains10 ask who currently is his favorite gator on offense and defense

JasonHigdon Percy Harvin

LitiGator11 How many of the games has he seen?

pogfee and ask about what Gators he has met and talked to

JasonHigdon Major Wright is always smashing someone

BocaGtr66 lol

pogfee it is true though

NothingRemains10 What is the thing you are looking forward to the most about being a Gator

pogfee does Dee have brothers/sisters that were an influence on his decision?

JasonHigdon one thing looking forward to being a gator......WINNING

pogfee nice

JasonHigdon two brothers, but made my choice on my own

JasonHigdon 5 more minutes with Dee

NothingRemains10 tell him thanks for being so strong minded, being his own person, and let him know the Gators fans love him!

pogfee what is his favorite thing about UF?

LitiGator11 Before he committed, what team was number 2?

JasonHigdon coaching staff is favorite thing

pogfee i figured

JasonHigdon I would say LSU

JasonHigdon had a pretty good time at LSU


pogfee what coach recruited him?

BocaGtr66 Is he an early entree

JasonHigdon Heater

NothingRemains10 Ask if he minds redshirting if it's best for him and the team and if it would effect his decision to go to UF

JasonHigdon not early go, maybe thought waiting on some test scores.....

pogfee tell him he better be good at special teams

BocaGtr66 Thanks DEE n GO Gators!

pogfee and tell him thanks for the time

LutzGator how does it feel to be part of the best db class?

JasonHigdon let him go guys I don't want to keep him long, he said thanks for the questions and GO GATORS

LutzGator thanks jay

NothingRemains10 This rocks

JasonHigdon Lutz< we have talked about that before, he is fired up about being a part of the best secondary class on paper to come to UF

JasonHigdon very much so

JasonHigdon Just so everyone knows I will shoot for Will Hill next week

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