Fightin' Gators Top 13 - Week Five

Well, just like the national boys, we had quite the shake up this week as we rank the best teams in college football. We apparently remain convinced of the righteousness that is SEC football. Remember No. 13 is our dubious achievement award. So here is what Cline, Chmielenski, Bonsack, Higdon and Vettel came up with. Batteries not included.

#1 LSU ----- HC: extremely fortunate to have been playing Tulane

#2 USC

#3 California

#4 Ohio State --- BB: they'll get their first true test this week (Purdue)

#5 Wisconsin ---- CC: Illinois will beat them

#6 South Florida --- LV: Leavitt should hear from Michigan, Texas A&M

#7 Kentucky ---- BB: A sure sign that the apocalypse is coming

#8 Florida ----- CC: I think they grew up in the second half

#9 Oklahoma --- JH: Meltdown on the road, but they'll win the Big 12

#10 Boston College --- JH: Big and physical but they lack explosiveness

#11 Oregon

#12 South Carolina

# 13 Florida Special Teams ---- They ran into a kicker, missed a field goal, let a punt roll about 30 yards, screwed up getting set on a fake punt, shanked the most important punt of the year and negated an excellent kickoff by being offsides. Did we leave anything out?

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