Chat Transcript - 10/5

The newest Gator commit and No. 5 ranked prospect in the nation Will Hill joined the chat on Thursday night. Here's the transcript from the chat.

JasonHigdon what up guys

KES6975 wassup

heismangator sup higdon

JasonHigdon nada, who plays golf on a Thursday in the middle of the damn day????

heismangator Heisman does lol

gator126 Anyone watching the Ky/ SC game?

heismangator played lights out man

JasonHigdon getting Will Hill at 9:15 guys!!

KES6975 i usually play on thurs afternoon...thats why i usually dont get in here

JasonHigdon good for you Heisman, I am playing Friday

JasonHigdon 126 I am watching it

gator126 KY has looked pretty good except for last Woodson int

heismangator someone got kicked to curb, oops

JasonHigdon yep they have....

JasonHigdon 126

gator126 yep

SAEGator Jason SI says Aghayere has committed to florida any truth to that?

JasonHigdon I actually am impressed with both of them

BocaGtr66 Jay ask Wil if he is an early entry

KES6975 they are both looking a bit scarey

JasonHigdon SAE, I have not heard that but will find out right now, hold on

gator126 Anyone concerned about our play since the second quarter of OLE Miss?

SAEGator blk10r said he read on SI in an articl blk post it again

blk10r Aghayere combines good size and quickness. He can take on a blocker and shed him, or simply run him over. He is deceptively fast for a big defensive end, which makes him a dangerous pass rusher. He has committed to Florida and gives Urban Meyer a pass rusher with the skills of a young Jevon Kearse.

blk10r in his profile

BocaGtr66 BLK most excellent

BocaGtr66 that link did not work

JasonHigdon just made two calls we will see what happens with Chancey....

SAEGator yea for me either

KES6975 it says as stated, but doesnt show him commited at the bottom like the others

JasonHigdon guys, when I get Will on phone post one question at a time let me get that answered before you post another one...

JasonHigdon AND FORGIVE the typing I will be going as fast as I can...

gator126 If I missed it, sorry, but did Aghayere commit or is it unconfirmed rumor?

KES6975 go to si, then college fb, then on left top 100

blk10r unconfirmed

JasonHigdon 126--calling him now and left a message

JasonHigdon I will find out soon.....

gator126 Thanks

JasonHigdon thank you, you guys are the best eyes and ears around....

JasonHigdon #11 cant hold on to the ball

KES6975 top stories

JasonHigdon for USC

KES6975 we like the job you do jay

JasonHigdon thanks 75!|!!||!!|!

JasonHigdon guys get a couple questions ready for Will Hill, calling him now, post three or four

heismangator Will, what are your goals when you get here next year? What is your position, SS or FS, GO GATORS

JasonHigdon Goals,,,,get on teh field ASAP and help team at all cost...

heismangator Will, i am sure you watched the AU game last week, what could you have done at FS to help UF win that game?

JasonHigdon on AU game....

JasonHigdon better coverage, secondary did not look fined tune AU able to throw the ball and when I get in, that wont happen

JasonHigdon strenghts of his game coverage and speed quickness and how fast he attacks the ball carrier on running plays

KES6975 taking any other visits?

JasonHigdon no I am done...with visits...

JasonHigdon things that I am working on---agility and fine tune things, back pedaling and mental aspect of the game

KES6975 who's pursuing him the hardest outside uf

JasonHigdon right now they have stopped.....

JasonHigdon parents take |ALL MY LETTERs right now but before it was USC

heismangator Will, it seems by Jays reports you and Jeremy Brown hit if off on your official, what other recuruits are you guys talking to trying to get them to become gators?

Gatorz2 You may have answered this, but enrolling early in Jan?

JasonHigdon things that sold me on UF...

KES6975 which recruits is he speaking the most with? uncommited?

JasonHigdon last year I knew that I was going to be a Gator after I spoke with Addazio....when they made me a top priority I knew it was going to be a Gator

JasonHigdon entire staff is a unit they want to win they know they are going to win buyt they are going to have fun doing it...

SAEGator Will what do you think our chances are in Baton Rouge this weekend ? =)

Gatorz2 What Safety in college or pro do you think you are most like in style and coverage?

JasonHigdon He is talking to Meyer after this chat and I believe that Meyer will give him certain kids that he wants will to work very hard, that is FOR NO ONE BUT YOU GUYS the head ball coach is waiting to speak with Will while we have him in chat.....

BocaGtr66 Thanks for coming in Will appreciate it very much

KES6975 thanks

Gatorz2 thanks !! Go Gators Will!

blk10r thanks good and good luck

JasonHigdon UF chances this weekend I feel good that they will win

SAEGator Awesome Baby =)

JasonHigdon they are upeset, they lost last week and they are focuesed and I Feel real good about it....

SAEGator He is all gator !!

Gatorryder Can't wait to see Will in the O&B!

KES6975 i like the previous question..who would he say his game resembles?

JasonHigdon I would say.....Sean Taylor....

heismangator RFN

JasonHigdon I would say Ed Reed most of all I play like in coveage and hitting ability

JasonHigdon lol

JasonHigdon thats what Coach Meyer tells me that all the time he wants me to be the next Reggie Nelson

Gatorz2 Is Will enrolling in JAN?

KES6975 better, who will be the next will hill?

BocaGtr66 Well we know that in future years recruits will want to be Like


JasonHigdon ok guys, turned him lose, to call Meyer...

KES6975 sweet

BocaGtr66 Thanks Jay

Gatorz2 good chat

blk10r nice work

JasonHigdon Gatorz2, I will find out for you I keep meaning to ask him that question

heismangator good job higdon

JasonHigdon Next week I hope to have our latest UF verbal in chat.....

heismangator SWEET

Gatorz2 i'm slow. who's that?

KES6975 hehe

blk10r hint?

JasonHigdon no hints cant do it

Gatorz2 oh.. you mean someone not yet committed..

JasonHigdon yes

heismangator can boca tell um

heismangator :)

KES6975 jay, does this stuff really stay inside the insiders? i guess so or you wouldnt divulge much

JasonHigdon I will try and have the family let me do it on the Heath show next week at 11:40am

heismangator nice

BocaGtr66 Heis anything I say ends up on the other site

Gatorz2 Heath show?

BocaGtr66 So here goes kieudtt

KES6975 heath cline radio

heismangator what do you guys think of the game on ESPN tonight, going to go down to the wire

Gatorz2 love the SEC

KES6975 good game

blk10r what the score?

JasonHigdon USC pulls it out in the end on a last second FG

BocaGtr66 He is seems like an air raid

KES6975 did yall watch the usf/wv game last that was a good one too

Gatorz2 i dont think kentucky will hang in second half

heismangator UK is a second half team 75, jmo

BocaGtr66 SOS just seems to get his WR's in the open with their routes

JasonHigdon hope not, anyone watching the Julio Jones game thought it was on ESPN2 but dont see it

JasonHigdon yes he does 66

KES6975 how many calls a day do you think you make jay?

BocaGtr66 Would love to be in a conference call with Wil and Meyer right now

heismangator Mark May is a balljack

SAEGator me too boca

JasonHigdon Lou LOVES Meyer

heismangator Lou is giving a pep talk to us gators, i am ready to go hit someone know

SAEGator Did not think USF / WV was tha good a game.. especially when they need to bring up the record for tunrovers and how it might be broken...

KES6975 i think that makes for fun games though, myself. just seems like chaos

JasonHigdon ahhh, I LOVE LOU

SAEGator true...

heismangator Great job lou

Gatorryder That was great!

KES6975 i think they said the record was 20 in a game..fsu maybe vs?

JasonHigdon you guys see that from lou????

JasonHigdon that was great...

SAEGator nice save by brodeur !!

heismangator who sae?

gator126 lous pep talk awesome

KES6975 free of charge too! thanks lou

SAEGator yea I forgot against who but it was FSU back in 69 I believe

BocaGtr66 LOL Lou is da Man!

JasonHigdon Chacey just told me NO....he did not commit to UF....

SAEGator MArtin Brodeur devils goalie I might have mispelled his name..

SAEGator lol

JasonHigdon Chancey I mean....

JasonHigdon whats up 99

three99 nothing much

SAEGator Tell Chanucey to have SI correct their site then .. so we Gators don't get all worked up for nothing =P

gator126 We need something. What's happened to our offense since the second half of Ole Miss?

BocaGtr66 Actually L$U will be facing the best offense they have yet this season

SAEGator no bubba plain and simple

JasonHigdon I will let SI look like the bad guys, I dont even want to get into that stuff the kid said he is not a UF commit thats all I need to know, for now!

KES6975 i think the coaches have some concerns they may not want public

heismangator LSU probably hasnt face a D as decent as ours either, if of course we made some changes in scheme

JasonHigdon 75--the staff had not heard that he pulled the trigger to UF either!

blk10r again with the for now?

SAEGator No I think no one respects anybody but harvin and Tebow run when Bubba is not in there

KES6975 sorry jay, meant on our offense

BocaGtr66 Jay you are a tease

heismangator what else is going on boys, any of you cats heading to the game?

gator126 Alot of smoke with Agahere and the Horns. What is really going on? Anyone know?

JasonHigdon 10, I am saying that all I Need to know for now is that he indeed is NOT a uf commit.....I dont ask the kid anything else for now is what I mean so the next time i need something the kid is more inclined to speak to me....thats what I meant by that

blk10r just checking

JasonHigdon I dont push....not at all...thats why when I call these kids they pick up or text me back because they know I am not going to push on anything at all ...

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