Moore Adds to Gator Offense

Despite the Gators' disappointing fourth quarter loss to the LSU Tigers, there were some positive aspects that could be gleaned from the game as the team moves forward. Perhaps the most encouraging was the play of running back Kestahn Moore.

Kestahn Moore had seen his involvement in the offense wane in recent games, making quarterback Tim Tebow the primary running threat in the offense. Moore responded with 79 yards rushing on only 12 carries, averaging nearly seven yards a carry. He also caught two passes for 21 yards, including the Gators first touchdown.

"We had to come out here with a lot of emotion," Moore said. "They gave me the ball, the o-line was blocking really nice so I just found the holes that the o-line was making for me."

Moore's evening was marred, however, by a crucial fumble midway through the second half.

"Basically it just slipped out," Moore said. "Before I went back out there my arms were slippery. They made a good play. The ball was coming out a little bit and I was trying to fall real quick but I guess somebody hit it out."

The turnover would prove to be an extremely costly one, not only because it surrendered possession to the opposing team but because of the momentum swing it provided.

Despite the mistake, coach Urban Meyer spoke positively about Moore's performance.

"I thought he ran extremely hard," Meyer said. "I'm not sure of his stats and he's got to take care of the ball, but Kestahn's a running threat." Meyer was also complimentary of the offensive line's performance against the Glen Dorsey-led LSU defensive line. And I think we did a decent job blocking them. That's a very good defensive line and at no time did I feel like we were getting knocked backwards."

It was a quite a turnaround from last week's game against the Auburn Tigers in which he said the offensive line wasn't blocking well enough to run the football effectively.

Having a second running threat also opened up things for the passing game. Tebow certainly had his share of carries, but the balance between kept the Tigers' defense honest.

"He played really well and really hard all game," Tebow said. "You know, he just fought and did everything he could. The more you can run, the more effective passing is, and the easier it becomes."

The Gators now look to a bye this weekend. Moore said it should provide an opportunity to recover from the second straight loss and also help with preparing for the Kentucky Wildcats.

"It gives us time to regroup, get our minds together coming off these losses and get a lot of game plan in for Kentucky," Moore said.

Moore was proud of the way he and his teammates responded to the loss in the locker room following the game. He's also optimistic about the Gators' chances for a rematch with LSU in the SEC Championship Game.

"We went in there and prayed and came together," Moore said. "We've got to stick together. After two games it's bad for a team to break up and go their own ways, pointing fingers and stuff like that. We feel like we'll see them again in Atlanta."

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