College Football Musings: Week Six

Another week of college football brings us another collection of upsets, last minute outcomes and strange occurrences. The clowns at ESPN who seem determined to give every significant weekend its own moniker came up with "gut check Saturday" this time.

It's kind of a strange name since teams can win and not survive a real "gut check" and you can have a team like Florida that performs at an incredibly high level and not win.

Also guys I love your network, but enough with the freakin' initials. It was okay when Tom Jackson was "TJ" but now they all talk to each other by initials. I don't know if it's supposed to convey closeness or warmth, but it's contrived and phony. So please, just STFU. (Stop the foolish utterances – what were you thinking?)

That said we have some newbies to our musings plus some weekly favorites.

Go Missouri ----- The high scoring Tigers might be the best kept secret in the country right now. Missouri trashed Nebraska 41-6 to go to 5-0 on the season. They have scored at least 38 points in every game and might well win the Big-12 North. They'll get their toughest test this week, traveling to Norman to take on Oklahoma.

Making Illinoize in the Big Ten ----- Last week it was cute when Ron Zook's Illinoize team beat grossly overrated Penn State. This week it's impressive that the Fightin' Zookers knocked off unbeaten Wisconsin to go to 3-0 in the conference that can't count. We always knew a Ron Zook coached team was capable of great performances. We also know they are capable of disastrous ones as well. He has a chance to show he's matured as a head coach Saturday when they take a five-game winning streak to Iowa. If I were a betting man, I'd take the Hawkeyes and the points.

Calm Down Golden Domers ----- I know you guys are relieved and maybe even excited that the worst Notre Dame team in a half century beat UCLA Saturday, but don't get delusional. Notre Dame did not figure anything out. They did not turn the corner in a rebuilding year. The Fightless Irish gained a grand total of 140 yards. Freshman quarterback Jimmy Clausen had really strange stats (17-27, 84 yards) gaining a whopping 3.1 yards per attempt. Notre Dame won for one reason. UCLA turned it over SEVEN TIMES. If you're plus-seven in turnover differential you should win by about 40 points, not 14.

Gators got Clocked ----- Florida certainly hurt its chances Saturday night with poor clock management, but they had some help. I re-watched the game Sunday morning and on the Gators last drive the clock NEVER stopped when the play ended. Every play ended with a roll off of anywhere from one to four seconds, adding up to 12 lost seconds. Did it make a difference? Probably not, but I thought the days of dishonest clock operators were over with. Someone should have brought it to the referee's attention and gotten some of that time back.

No Cardinal Sin ----- The trees from Palo Alto were winless in three Pac-10 games before shocking the world with their 24-23 upset of Southern Cal. Stanford scored the final ten points of the game, driving for the winning touchdown with less than a minute to play. Stanford took advantage of four interceptions thrown by John David "there goes my Heisman" Booty.

Speaking of the Heisman ----- As an elector I am starting to wonder if there will be a really strong contender this year. Top candidates Mike Hart, Darren McFadden and Brian Brohm are struggling to overcome mediocre play by their teams. Andre Woodson had the national stage Thursday night and messed in the bed against South Carolina. Maybe the leader now is Matt Ryan of Boston College (1,857 15/5) who is leading an unbeaten team. I'd like to vote for DeSean Jackson of Cal, but he just hasn't touched the ball enough. It's wide open for someone who has a great four week run beginning this Saturday.

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