Fightin' Gators Top 13 - Week Six

Boy it's pretty dangerous to be in the top ten these days, isn't it? Another week gives us losses for Wisconsin and Southern Cal and near misses for several others including fledgling power USF. So once again we have quite a few changes for you this week.

However we must report that one of our voters, Blake Bonsack was caught retrieving his girlfriend's M & M's from an uncooperative vending machine and will not be voting this week. We are hopeful that this indiscretion can be dealt with so he can be reinstated next week. Until then you'll have to get by with the viewpoints of Cline, Chmielenski, Higdon and Vettel.

Member FDIC, substantial penalty for early withdrawal.

#1 L-S-U

# 2 California

# 3 Ohio State --- CC: No easy road ahead with Penn State, Wisconsin, Illinois and Michigan.

# 4 Boston College --- JH: The best signal caller in America, Matt Ryan.

# 5 South Florida --- LV: Am I the only one rooting for a USF/FSU Gator Bowl?

# 6 Oklahoma --- CC: Sitting pretty if they get by Missouri.

# 7 South Carolina --- LV: Once again the HBC will have much to say about how the Gators' season will play out.

# 8 Southern Cal

# 9 West Virginia

# 10 Oregon

# 11 Florida ----- JH: Will win out and beat LSU by 17 in Atlanta.

# 12 Missouri --- HC: Might be the one legit team n the Big-12 North.

# 13 Karl Dorrell --- HC: "Hey, Pete lost to Stanford," isn't going to cut it with furious UCLA fans.

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