Things for Gators to Root For

Just because Urban Meyer's squad has no game this weekend is no reason to ignore college football on Saturday. In fact, I see several games where Gator fans should have more than a casual rooting interest. That interest can range from the well being and reputation of football in the state to the SEC race and post-season ramifications.

I've come up with a lucky seven games that I think offer up solid reasons to prefer one outcome over the other. Enjoy your "off" week!

UCF over USF ----- For football fans in the state it's a travesty that these two are going to stop playing every year. It's good for all concerned, but the arrogance of USF is getting in the way of extending the series. That's one reason for Gators to root for the Knights. The other is to hand USF a dose of humility.

Illinoize over Iowa ----- Whether you liked Zook, hated Zook or were completely ambivalent you have to be somewhat impressed with his team in year three. Also you have to want to keep alive the possibility of a Florida/Illinoize or South Carolina/Illinoize bowl game.

LSU over Kentucky ----- Florida certainly doesn't need anything to diminish their performance of last week. Nor do they need Kentucky getting its confidence rebuilt. But what Florida needs most of all is for this game to be physical, physical, physical.

Notre Dame over Boston College ----- Now why on earth would the Golden Domers' success be good for the Gators? Well, truthfully it would not be at all. However Boston College dropping out of the top ten would be good for all right thinking football fans.

Mississippi State over Tennessee ----- No, the Bulldogs aren't good enough to beat the Vols. Then again, they weren't good enough to beat Auburn either, were they? Florida needs Tennessee to lose a game in order to reclaim control of their destiny in the SEC East race, the sooner that happens, the better.

Auburn over Arkansas ----- Auburn is on Florida's schedule, but the Razorbacks aren't. It's always better when teams on your slate are successful against others, except in really unique circumstances (see above Mississippi State/Tennessee). Plus it's about time the never ending soap opera in Fayetteville has a new story line.

South Carolina over North Carolina ----- I don't know about you, but I root for the HBC just about every week. Plus this one has SEC/ACC undercurrents and Butch Davis for added incentive.

There, aren't you more excited about Saturday now? Well, I tried.

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