College Football Musings: Week Eight

Our tour of the college football world will take us through the diminishing list of undefeated teams in major college football and the questions this weekend brought us.

Do the best two-loss teams still have a shot at the BCS Title game? Will Notre Dame score another touchdown? How much further can FSU let its program slide? How hot is the seat in Knoxville? Lincoln? Why is Lou Holtz on the air?

And then there were five ----- With almost half the season to go, we are down to five unbeaten teams and there's a great chance we will be down to zero before much longer. Ohio State tops the list, but has yet to play a ranked team. Boston College is 7-0, but the five teams left on the schedule, starting with Virginia Tech Thursday are better than the seven they've played. Surprising Kansas has to face Texas A&M, Missouri and Oklahoma State. Arizona State has the best teams in the Pac-10 coming up, while BCS buster Hawaii will be challenged by Fresno State and Boise State. I've said all along, no one will run the table, and I mean it.

Two time losers have hope? ----- Not many teams with two setbacks still have an opportunity to make it to the BCS Title Game. In fact I think there's only one, Florida. The Gators should move into the top ten or close to it this week and may get another shot at LSU in the SEC Title game. If the Pac-10 beats each other up and the upstarts fall by the wayside it's possible (though unlikely) the Gators could sneak in there.

Noles woes ----- I'm sure that Jeff Bowden loves his father and wants his dad's team to do well; still he has to be grinning the "I told you so" grin these days. FSU spent about $2 million to replace Bowden and others in the off-season and the offense is worse. FSU had to settle for five field goals and it cost them a loss to Miami. The once dominant ‘Noles are 19-14 in the last 33 games, including 4-3 this year and appear again ticketed to an irrelevant bowl trip. How much more can they take in Tallahassee?

Enough Lou! ----- I am a great admirer of Lou Holtz as a football coach, but as a college football commentator he is Trev Alberts without the good looks. Holtz is becoming harder and harder to understand with his speech impediment, and his judgment is even more difficult to figure out. He hit rock bottom Saturday, picking Notre Dame to beat Southern Cal despite what had to be the talent discrepancy mismatch of the millennium. Coach, it's time to retire, make speaking engagements and visit your grandchildren.

Who has the hotter seat? -----
I suppose Bill Callahan at Nebraska has the hottest seat in college football, but Phillip Fulmer may not be too far behind. Fulmer's allies must be splintering more and more after the Vols were absolutely blown out by Alabama Saturday. I think it's fair to call Florida and Alabama Tennessee's two biggest rivals. Tennessee lost to those two teams by a combined score of 100-37. The Vols no longer control their destiny in the SEC race and seem likely to make it nine straight years without an SEC Title.

Prediction update ----- Last week in the musings I wrote that four top ten teams would lose their next games. South Florida and Kentucky were two of the four and both came through. This week Boston College falls to Virginia Tech and Arizona State goes down to California to fulfill the prophesy.

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