Fightin' Gators Top 13 - Week Eight

The BCS, AP and USA Today have all had their say, but now it's our turn. After two weeks of curious, often bizarre college football, this week was more like it.

The upstarts were put back in their place and some sense emerged. Of course how long that lasts is anyone's guess, but here is the weekly top 13 as chosen by the illegal firm of Cline, Bonsack, Higdon, Vettel and Chmielenski. Your comments, no matter how hurtful (and accurate) are always welcome.

#1 Ohio State --- Bonsack: "Perhaps the Buckeyes will play a ranked team before the season is over."

# 2 LSU --- Higdon: "Great team, but Les Miles' horrible calls will catch up with them eventually."

# 3 Boston College --- Cline: "Win in Blacksburg and I'll move them up."

#4 Oklahoma

#5 Oregon ---
Cline: "Dennis Dixon is spectacular. He may be Tebow's biggest Heisman threat right now."

#6 Arizona State --- CC: "Their undefeated season ends next week."

#7 West Virginia

#8 Southern Cal

#9 Kansas ---
Vettel: "We full-figured men are BIG Mark Mangino fans."

#10 Florida --- Higdon: "With Superman playing QB you have a chance."

#11 Virginia Tech

#12 Missouri

***believe it or not USF got two #12 votes and was the only other team to show up on any of our ballots ***

#13 Bill Callahan ---- The soon to be former Nebraska Coach gets our dubious achievement after losing to another dead man coaching in the aptly nicknamed buyout bowl. Callahan actually earned two superb comments and you can decide for yourself which is better.

Bonsack: "The man made Dennis Franchione look like Vince Lombardi."

Cline: "Not many coaches have the ability to completely alienate everyone they deal with on both the professional and collegiate levels."

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