Fightin' Gators Top 13 - Week Nine

This season just gets goofier and goofier… just when you get used to the top teams losing, they don't! Oh well, we had to come up with a top 13… well a top twelve with a dubious achievement award for No. 13… gee I wonder which classless hypocrite earned No. 13 this time around?

#1 Ohio State --- Cline: "no one else in the conference looks like they have a pulse."

#2 LSU

#3 Oregon ---
Vettel: "You gotta love the quack attack."

#4 Boston College --- Vettel: "Send a thank you note to Bud Foster for deciding to rush only three guys with the game on the line."

#5 Arizona State --- Cline: "every underachieving school will look for their Erickson style quick fix right now, Rick Neuheisel anyone?"

#6 Oklahoma

#7 Kansas

#8 West Virginia ---
CC: "They've rebounded from the loss to USF and are now poised to make a run at the BCS Title game."

#9 Missouri

#10 Georgia ---
Vettel: "Knowshon Moreno is special."

#11 Texas

#12 Connecticut

#13 Mark Richt ---
Cline: "It's always sad to see someone reveal themselves as a fraud. It's worse for them to be gleeful about doing so."

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