How the East COULD BE Won

Urban Meyer said it himself, what a crazy year in the SEC East. Heading into November, all six teams can still win the East, and there's even a chance that all six teams could finish in a tie. Here is a team-by-team look at some of the possibilities.

Tennessee (3-2)
Divisional Losses: 1 (Georgia)
Remaining Games: 11/10 vs. Arkansas, 11/17 vs. Vanderbilt, 11/24 @ Kentucky

It's pretty easy for the Vols – win out. Tennessee is the only team in the East that still controls its own destiny. As long as Tennessee wins its last three conference games, they can do no worse then fishing tied for first with Georgia. Since they won the head-to-head against the Dawgs, Tennessee goes to Atlanta.

Should the Vols trip up between now and the end of the season, their best option would be to do it next weekend against Arkansas. That way they still hold onto all of their SEC East tiebreakers. Should they lose to either Vanderbilt or Kentucky and then find themselves in a tie with either one of those teams, though, they'll be on the short end of the tiebreaker scenarios.

Georgia (4-2)
Divisional Losses: 2 (South Carolina, Tennessee)
Remaining Games: 11/10 @ Auburn, 11/17 vs. Kentucky

Thanks to their win over the Gators, Georgia is the closest thing to Tennessee as to controlling their own destiny. If the Bulldogs win out, and the Vols drop one of their remaining three conference games, then Georgia goes to Atlanta.

The scenario is not so simple should the Dawgs lose one of their remaining two SEC games. Obviously, Georgia would need Tennessee to lose a game also to stay in the divisional race, but a Georgia loss to Kentucky would all but eliminate the Bulldogs. Should Georgia lose to Kentucky, the only scenario that would allow them to still win the East would be if they finished in a two-way tie with the Gators. But that would require Florida to win out and Tennessee to lose to Vanderbilt and Arkansas while beating Kentucky.

Florida (3-3)
Division Losses: 1 (Georgia)
Remaining Games: 11/3 vs. Vanderbilt, 11/10 @ South Carolina

The scenario is a little bit simpler for the Gators. Florida needs to win out and have Georgia and Tennessee lose one of their remaining conference games. That would set up a three-way tie between all three teams. The first tiebreaker with a three-way tie is their records against each other, but all three teams would be 1-1. The next step is divisional records. Should Tennessee's loss come to Auburn, then Florida and Tennessee would finish with only one loss in the East, so Georgia would be eliminated with two division losses. Since the Gators own the head-to-head over Tennessee, Florida goes to Atlanta. If the Vols loss comes to Kentucky, then Florida will be the only one of the three to have just one loss in the East.

South Carolina (3-3)
Divisional Losses: 2 (Vandy, Tennessee)
Remaining Games: 11/3 @ Arkansas, 11/10 vs. Florida

South Carolina can still win the East, but find themselves in a tough spot because they already trail two teams by a game and they have two divisional losses. Obviously, the Gamecocks need to win out, but then they need some help. South Carolina can only eliminate one team – the Gators. They would lose tiebreakers against both Vanderbilt and Tennessee since they lost the head-to-heads. Their best case scenario is to finish tied with Georgia and/or Kentucky since they beat them both head-to-head and they also already have two Eastern division losses.

Kentucky (2-3)
Divisional Losses: 2 (Florida, South Carolina)
Remaining Games: 11/10 @ Vanderbilt, 11/17 vs. Georgia, 11/24 @ Tennessee

Kentucky is sitting in a pretty good spot for two reasons. First, the Wildcats have a bye week this week, so they can rest up for the final push. Second, they face both division leaders, Georgia and Tennessee. So if the Wildcats win out, they will finish no worse then a tie for first place, and they would own tiebreakers over both the Bulldogs and the Vols. The only team they don't hold a tiebreaker against – the Gators. They need Florida to pick up a fourth loss.

Vanderbilt (2-3)
Divisional Losses: 1 (Georgia)
Remaining Games: 11/3 @ Florida, 11/10 vs. Kentucky, 11/17 vs. Tennessee

Vandy may be the dark horse in the whole situation. Should Vanderbilt win out, they eliminate the Gators and the Wildcats, handing each of them their fourth loss. Georgia would also have to lose for Vanderbilt to finish in a tie for first. From there, it just depends on which teams also finish with three losses – Tennessee, Georgia and South Carolina would all be in the mix.

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