Gators ready for Vandy

After the Gators wrapped up their prepartions for Vanderbilt, Urban Meyer talked about Mike Pouncey's move to defensive tackle and the Vanderbilt defense.

Q&A from Urban Meyer's post-practice press conference...

How has Mike Pouncey done in his few days at defensive tackle?

"Really good. I see energy. I see a young guy that loves football, and I see a tough guy and a big guy. He's got that big old rear end that you need in there to stop the run, so he's going to play."

How much does he have to learn?

"A lot, but he's really smart. There's not an issue as far as football smarts and understanding scoop blocks and understanding what goes on with an offense has helped him."

Is this a permanent change for him?

"I don't know. It's permanent as for Saturday."

Did he play d-line in high school?

"He said on goal line."

Who is going to move into the role that Mike Pouncey was playing?

"Carl Johnson is going to help us out and so is Marcus Gilbert. He's getting pretty close to game ready and so is Maurice Hurt. Those are three bodies that can play in there."

How are some of the other defensive linemen coming along?

"Lawrence Marsh is coming along, so he'll be in there a little bit more than he's played in the past."

How is the running back situation?

"It will be by committee depending on the situation. It will be Brandon James, Kestahn Moore and you'll see Percy Harvin and Jarred Fayson carrying the ball."

How much do you expect Vanderbilt to blitz?

"It's going to be how Tim [Tebow] will handle it. How the receivers will handle it and how the offensive linemen will handle it. We've worked awful hard at it, but they do blitz three-fourths of the time. Georgia blitzed us more than normal. They'll blitz as much or more than Georgia."

How much has this week of practice helped you shore up the problems you've had in the defense?

"We'll find out, but they worked their tails off. We've worked really hard to get better and get some maturity on that side of the ball."

Is Vanderbilt a little underrated?

"I think so. I made the comment that this is the third time I've coached against them and it's not even close as far as personnel. They had Jay Cutler two years ago, but their personnel is SEC caliber especially on defense. Their defense is really good."

Is it the speed that they've added on defense?

"Those are programs that develop and recruit. We are not a program. We're a three-year into it and we still have to get some continuity in the recruiting and continuity in the development. You look at a team like Vanderbilt and that's what every one's looking for."

Any change in Major Wright or Riley Cooper?

"They'll both play. How much, we'll find out. It's just a pain issue. For Major, it's one more week with the club and then they'll open those hands up a little bit."

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