College Football Musings: Week Ten

The first Saturday in November brought a flurry of exciting events and results to the world of college football. In this week's musings we look at a sinking ship, a strange trip, defense not worth a flip and a coaching future worth zip. That and more in our weekly musings.

Anchors A-Weighing Down the Notre Dame Coach --- Even in this most miserable of seasons you had to figure Notre Dame and coach Charlie Weis could count on beating Navy. After all, the last time the Irish lost to the Midshipmen JFK was the President, Roger Staubach was the Navy quarterback and Bobby Bowden and Joe Paterno were coaching. OK, so not everything has changed since the fall of 1963. Still, Notre Dame's triple overtime loss virtually guarantees this will be the most humiliating season ever (1-8) for the Golden Domers. On the plus side, the woefully inept Irish offense did score 44 points. That's a big improvement on the ten points per game average they brought into the contest.

Herbie's Wild Ride --- ESPN/ABC college football analyst Kirk Herbstreit had a travel schedule from hell on Saturday. Herbie was in Oregon for ESPN Game-Day on Saturday morning and then flew across the country to do color on the FSU/Boston College game in Boston. Couldn't someone else have handled one of those assignments?

The Defense Rests --- Unfortunately for South Carolina it rested most of the night in their 48-36 loss to Arkansas. Heisman hopeful Darren McFadden set an SEC record with 323 yards on the ground and teammate Felix Jones added 163. Steve Spurrier must have been having flashbacks to Tommy Frazier and Lawrence Phillips. That's three straight losses for the HBC after a 6-1 start.

Take This Ear of Corn and Shove It --- By the time I finish typing this, the University of Nebraska may make official what everyone else on the planet knows. Bill Callahan will not be coaching the Cornhuskers in 2008. A 76-39 loss to Kansas may rank as the most embarrassing moment in the history of a great program. Nebraska has lost five in a row, and in those five games they've given up 226 points. If it wasn't bad enough, they went for two after they scored a touchdown to close the gap to 76-37! My how the mighty have fallen. Soon Tom Osborne will likely be heard saying. "Hello, Baton Rouge information? I need the number for Bo Pelini."

Harvin for All-SEC --- Percy Harvin won't be one of the wide receivers chosen on the All-SEC team, nor does he have a shot at being one of the running backs. But someone must make certain there is a utility position on every team that purports to recognize the best players in the country's best conference. Harvin's 714 receiving yards are nice and his 442 on the ground is solid, but neither stat wows you. But here's one that does: Harvin has gained 1,156 yards on just 99 touches. His 11.7 yards per touch is probably the best in the entire country, and he may well be the most dangerous player anywhere. He and Tim Tebow will probably both get some consideration for SEC Player of the Year though it appears Darren McFadden is preparing to run away with that honor, literally.

Dixon Takes Heisman Lead --- Oregon QB Dennis Dixon is now the unofficial front runner for the Heisman Trophy. Dixon moves to the top with four touchdown passes in a win over previously unbeaten Arizona State. Dixon's numbers are quite similar to those of Tim Tebow, but his team is in the running for the BCS Title game and that makes a difference.

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