Fightin' Gators Top 13 - Week Ten

Well, it finally appears the wild and wooly season of strange upsets and occurrences has settled down… at least to some extent. The better teams are taking care of business more consistently and the frauds near the top of the rankings have been exposed.

With that we offer up our weekly assessment of the 13 best teams in the land. Well, our top twelve with a dubious achievement award for No. 13. This week we have two nominations for dubious achievement that acknowledge the same group but for different reasons so you get to decide.

Our comments come from some combination of Heath Cline, Chris Chmielenski, Jason Higdon, Blake Bonsack and yours truly.

#1 Ohio State

#2 Oregon ---
JH: "I love what they do on offense. They put so much pressure on a defense it's fun to watch."

#3 LSU --- CC: "You always need some luck to win a national title and the Tigers have had more than their share."

#4 Kansas --- LV: "76 points against the Cornhuskers matches the 76 trombones that will march Bill Callahan out of Nebraska."

#5 Oklahoma

#6 West Virginia

#7 Missouri ---
BB: "Who would have expected a top ten match up with the Jayhawks at the end of the year?"

#8 Arizona State

#9 Boston College ---
LV "Fraudulent contender was exposed last week."

#10 Georgia

#11 Connecticut ---
LV "Don't you know the Orange Bowl folks are aghast at the prospect of a UConn/ Virginia game?"

#12 Hawaii --- CC: "The Rainbows are inching closer and closer to stealing a BCS bid from the big boys."

#13 The SEC crew working the Alabama/LSU game

CC: "Never do I remember so many calls not only reviewed but overturned. LSU was dead in the water had there not been instant replay."

And with a slightly different view….

LV: "The on field officials did their best to give ‘Bama a shot with a borderline criminal 130-to-15 penalty yardage discrepancy. However the man in the replay booth did his part to balance things out with three over rules that favored the visiting Tigers."

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