Fightin' Gators Top 13 - Week 11

If this were horse racing we could report that, "down the stretch they come" in college football 2007. There's a major shake up at the top courtesy of Ron Zook and Illinoize and an old favorite makes a reappearance.

The search for a clear cut No. 1 versus No. 2 BCS Title game looks to be pretty much hopeless with the chance we could see a half dozen or more one-loss teams at the top when all is said and done.

With that we offer up our weekly assessment of the 13 best teams in the land. Well, our top twelve with a dubious achievement award for No. 13. Our comments come from some combination of Heath Cline, Chris Chmielenski, Blake Bonsack and yours truly.

#1 LSU --- LV: The best team in the best conference, plain and simple. The win over Virginia Tech keeps looking better and better.

#2 Oregon

#3 Kansas ---
HC: Reesing (QB Todd) shows just how overrated "measurables" can be in the recruiting process. (Note, Reesing has passed for 2,647 yards with 26 TD and 4 int).

#4 Oklahoma

#5 West Virginia ---
LV: Most of the top teams would light up that defense like a Christmas tree. Statistically, Pat White is having exactly half the season Tim Tebow is.

#6 Missouri

#7 Ohio State

#8 Georgia ---
BB: Might be playing better than anyone in the country right now.

#9 Arizona State

#10 Southern Cal

#11 Virginia Tech ---
BB: Tyrod Taylor reminds me of another star freshman QB for the Hokies without all the baggage.

#12 Florida --- LV: Three losses or not, there are not a dozen teams in the country better than the Gators.

#13 Everything associated with football, college and pro in Miami

HC: On a positive note for ‘Canes fans, not many programs ever get to claim to have completed nine times as many passes as they did the week before.

LV: That performance against Virginia could get Luther Campbell to become a country singer and relocate to Dollywood.

BB: Turns out the last game that Miami played at the historic Orange Bowl wasn't even "played".

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