Fightin' Gators Top 13 - Week 12

Well they sure don't make it easy do they? Two top teams lose to unranked opponents causing a predictable shakeup in our rankings. However the choice for No. 13 is unmistakable.

The never ending search for a clear cut No. 1 versus No. 2 BCS Title game looks as hopeless as ever, and if LSU stumbles, it'll be even messier. Of course morons who profit off this inane system will continue to point out how important it makes ever weekend. Funny how those clowns never endorse a BCS type system for other NCAA sports, isn't it?

With that we once again offer up our weekly assessment of the 13 best teams in the land. Well, our top twelve with a dubious achievement award for No. 13. Our comments come from some combination of Heath Cline, Chris Chmielenski, Blake Bonsack and yours truly.

#1 LSU --- LV: The best team in the best conference, plain and simple. The win over Virginia Tech keeps looking better and better.

#2 Kansas --- LV: the Jayhawks are writing one of the greatest stories ever told in major college football history.

#3 West Virginia

#4 Missouri ---
BB: Tigers fans are used to hating Kansas. It's just usually on the hard court instead of the gridiron.

#5 Ohio State --- CC: If the Kansas/Missouri winner loses the Big 12 Title Game I wouldn't be surprised to see the Buckeyes leap over West Virginia for the second spot in the BCS Title Game.

#6 Georgia --- LV: Despite some goofiness in recent weeks, Mark Richt has done a tremendous coaching job with this team.

#7 Arizona State

#8 Southern Cal ---
CC: The Trojans have quietly crawled their way back into the Rose Bowl picture.

#9 Virginia Tech

#10 Oklahoma

#11 Florida ---
CC: The way they're playing they might be more appropriately ranked No. 3 or #No. 4 right now.

#12 Oregon

#13 --- Alabama and Nick Saban after losing to Louisiana-Monroe

HC: Perhaps the guy who in his book referred to coaching in "Alabama's Jordan-Hare Stadium" is not the next Bear after all

LV: Mike Shula could have had this team 6-4 for $2.5 million less.

BB: What might be more embarrassing than the loss (to La-Mo) is that Saban lifted D.J. Hall's suspension at halftime. What a man of principles!

CC: I don't know if this loss is more embarrassing for ‘Bama or for the SEC. Message boards throughout the Southeast are irate at the Tide.

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