Fightin' Gators Top 13 - Week 13

Can you imagine someone awakening from a three month coma and the first thing he sees is the current college football rankings? Chances are he'd slip right back into a semi-conscious state and stay there forever.

Did anyone on the planet have Kansas and Missouri challenging for the top spot in college football? Was anyone suggesting that this was the year Georgia ends up in the top five and West Virginia plays for it all? It has certainly been a bizarre ride.

If I hear one more national pundit/analyst/moron talk about how this system creates a year long playoff I will drive to his home and vomit on his best pair of shoes. Every year this system proves to be inadequate, unfair and inept and every year the same brain dead Kool-Aid salesmen spout the same crapola. The BCS has returned us to the same place we were in years ago. Dominate a weak conference and you have a great chance to play for a title. Do extremely well in a very competitive league and, well tough.

With that we once again offer up our weekly assessment of the 13 best teams in the land. Well, our top twelve with a dubious achievement award for No. 13. Our comments come from some combination of Heath Cline, Chris Chmielenski, Blake Bonsack and yours truly.

#1 West Virginia --- LV: You have to at least admit they're entertaining

#2 Missouri

#3 Georgia ---
LV: Do you wonder how they'll react to their first touchdown in a BCS Bowl game? It appears we are very likely to find out.

#4 Ohio State

#5 LSU ---
BB: I said weeks ago that talent could only make up for poor coaching for so long. Well, time ran out Friday afternoon.

#6 Southern Cal --- BB: They look downright scary right now; much like they did at the end of last season.

#7 Oklahoma

#8 Kansas

#9 Florida ---
CC: I can't believe the coaches have Hawaii ahead of the Gators.

#10 Virginia Tech

#11 Hawaii ---
CC: If the winning streak doesn't end this season it will end on August 30, 2008 when the Rainbows visit The Swamp.

#12 Arizona State

#13 --- Ed Orgeron

HC: The man dubbed the "Cajun Ron Zook" gets the same treatment at his first head coaching job, three and out.

LV: His players stole from the hotels where the team stayed. His coaching stole from his teams' chances to win. He is no longer stealing a paycheck in Oxford. After watching Orgeron's teams go 10-25 over three years, David Cutcliff's 50-34 mark looks pretty damn impressive.

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