College Football Musings: Week 13

We have a week to go in the season and still a long list of things that are unsettled. The top two teams still have to win a game to make the BCS Final, and if both lose we will have a two loss team playing for the crown.

Ed Orgeron coaches himself out of a job and everything might be coming up Roses for Ron Zook. There is still debate about who should win the Heisman and the Gators don't know what bowl they're headed to. There's an awful lot floating around for this week's musings.

Coaching carousel --- Bill Callahan is out at Nebraska after giving up more than 60 points twice this season. Bo Pellini and Turner Gill top the list of candidates, but they should look at Jim Leavitt or Jim Grobe. Dennis Franchione's newsletter cost him his job, and former Packers coach Mike Sherman is the winner. Again, Leavitt would make a lot of sense for them. Orgeron lost 21-of-24 SEC games at Ole Miss and his boneheaded coaching in the season finale was just too much to take. David Cutcliff makes sense…. Oh never mind. How about Charley Strong for the Rebels? He spent a year there, and while his aversion to the media is a drawback, he has the integrity and work ethic to have some success.

Steve Spurrier --- There's no coach I like or respect more than the HBC, but South Carolina's five game losing streak must really have worn on him. Carolina was No. 6 after a 6-1 start, but ended up likely to miss the post-season. SOS is 21-16 in Columbia, but I have to wonder how much more mediocrity he can take. Spurrier is too competitive to tolerate five and six losses year in and year out.

Bobby Bowden --- It was almost sad to watch Bowden's TV Show Sunday and hear him talk about the progress the team made this year in going from 6-6 to 7-5. Technically that's progress, but the Seminoles are no closer to elite status and show little signs of making a move in that direction. Don't be surprised to see several defections among their early commitments.

Florida/Illinoize? --- There remains a strong possibility that this bowl match up, first speculated about in these musings several weeks ago could become a reality. If it does, I think it would be really unfair to Ron Zook. This should be the Zooker's finest hour in his six year coaching career, but a game with Florida would be overshadowed by the issues around his firing at UF. Not only that, but his team would get clobbered on game day, too.

Georgia in BCS Final --- This will be a week of "what ifs" in Athens. IF Missouri loses to Oklahoma and IF West Virginia falls to Pittsburgh, then Georgia could end up playing Ohio State in the BCS National Championship Game. However, IF they both win and IF LSU or Virginia Tech posts an impressive win in their games, Georgia could fall to No. 5 in the BCS and get passed up (for Florida) by the Orange Bowl and end up in Orlando. Just another reason to hate this idiotic way of doing business.

Imagine a playoff --- My utopian playoff system is for 16 teams to play on campus sites the first Saturday in December with the eight winners meeting in the big four bowl games and the four winners moving on to three games after the bowls. In Larry Land this weekend would feature the following, based on BCS standings with slight modifications to avoid rematches.

Clemson at Missouri
Illinois at West Virginia
Tennessee at Ohio State
Arizona St. at Georgia
Hawaii at Kansas
B. College at LSU
Florida at Virginia Tech
Oklahoma at Southern Cal

Beats the heck out of what we're going to get, doesn't it? Florida is the only visitor I would pick to win, which would give us the following possible Bowl/NCAA quarterfinal games:

Rose Bowl ----- Southern Cal versus Ohio State

Fiesta Bowl --- Florida versus Missouri

Sugar Bowl---- Kansas versus Georgia

Orange Bowl-- LSU versus West Virginia

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