Tebow Managing with Broken Hand

When Tim Tebow broke his hand on a touchdown run in the third quarter on Saturday against Florida State, he was too into the game to feel the pain. But then again, the sophomore signal caller has some experience playing with broken bones.

"Shoot, he played with a broken leg in high school," Gators offensive coordinator Dan Mullen said. "This was pretty minor. They grabbed me after the game and said, ‘hey, take a look at this.' I said, ‘what hand is that?' and they said it was his right hand. I said, ‘then it's no big deal, we're good to go.'"

Finishing the game with a broken right hand just added to the folklore that has followed Tim Tebow around all season long. He's now sporting a blue cast that comes just over his wrist on his right hand. There is still some noticeable swelling and some black and blue, but not enough to bother the Heisman Trophy candidate.

"I'm not even sure how I broke it," Tebow said. "I guess I hit someone going in. It was painful being a broken hand, but I was too excited to be beating Florida State to be worried about that."

With more than a month until the Gators play in a bowl game, Tebow has plenty of time to let his hand heal. But it is limiting some of the things he's been able to do during Florida's two light practices this week.

"I can't do the option with my right hand," he said. "I can still throw with it. I just don't have this hand on the ball. I made a few adjustments with it. Handing it off is tough, but I'll still be out there managing and doing 7-on-7 stuff."

The only thing that has really changed for Tebow is that he's not receiving any direct snaps.

"It's on his right hand, so we just put the ball in his left hand and he throws it," Mullen said. "We did the two-minute drill today, and we didn't put him in there, but all the other live stuff like the 7-on-7 and all the individual stuff he can do."

"It might take a little more hand-eye-coordination," Tebow said. "I can't really rotate the ball to get to the laces, but it's really not that big of a deal."

Besides the broken leg from high school and now the broken hand, Tebow can't remember ever having any other casts except for maybe a few broken fingers. The cast is expected to stay on for at least the next two weeks, which means if Tebow hoists the Heisman next Saturday, America will see the blue cast.

"We were thinking about that and made sure we got a decent color," Tebow said.

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