Rooting Interest Again This Weekend

Certainly the Florida Gator Football team would love to be playing on Saturday. That would mean Florida was in the SEC Title Game and the Gators would have total control of their post-season destiny. But that's not the case, is it?

Instead the Gators have to sit and hope for a long shot chance that the dominoes will fall in the right order and propel Urban Meyer's team into the Orange Bowl. There are a number of games where Florida has a vested interest in the outcome. Keep in mind Georgia is ranked No. 4 in the BCS standings and would get a guaranteed slot if they stay in the top four. However should the Bulldawgs slide a spot, the Orange Bowl wouldn't hesitate to take two of the greatest attractions in college football – Tim Tebow and Percy Harvin.

SEC Title Game --- Generally Florida would probably prefer the Tigers beat the Vols if nothing was on the line. But Saturday the Gators not only want the Bayou Bengals to win; they want them to win big. LSU is No. 7 in the BCS right now and them jumping three spots and hopping over Georgia is not likely, but it's not as far fetched as you might think. Georgia's BCS average of .8274 is not that far ahead of LSU's .7744. That gap could close dramatically if voters take time to analyze the total picture and conclude that if you have two SEC teams that played comparable schedules and have two losses, then the league champion should the higher ranked.

Big 12 Title Game --- Florida fans may want to root against Chase Daniel since the Missouri QB is the greatest threat to Tim Tebow in the Heisman race, but that's not best for the team. Florida needs Missouri to win, because a loss here would be almost fatal for the Gators BCS hopes. Missouri, by losing would likely fall behind Georgia and I can't see Oklahoma leaping the Bulldawgs from back at No. 9. For comparison purposes, Oklahoma's BCS of .6926 more than twice the gap between LSU and Georgia.

ACC Title Game --- Virginia Tech (.7811) is even closer to Georgia than LSU is, and the Hokies have a very strong (No. 12) strength of schedule. An impressive win over No. 11 Boston College would give them a pretty good case for moving up a notch or two.

Washington @ Hawaii --- Okay, I admit that this has nothing to do with Florida's BCS hopes, but you gotta root against the Rainbows on principal. They are unbeaten and looking for (demanding) their piece of BCS heaven despite playing the No. 117 schedule in the nation. Colt Brennan is touted for the Heisman despite throwing 14 interceptions against that pathetic level of competition. By comparison Tebow and Daniel have thrown 15 interceptions combined.

UCLA/USC --- Not a big deal, but if USC loses Florida moves up a spot, and the Orange Bowl has a little more cover for passing on the Bulldawgs should they have the opportunity to do so.

Look at Kansas --- This isn't a game except to say it's a game of common sense. The Jayhawks have had a wonderful year and should be proud of their 11-and-1 season, but ranking them No. 5 is preposterous. They have no wins over a currently ranked opponent and only Hawaii has played a weaker schedule than the No. 82 slate the Jayhawks have faced. Dropping them into the 8-to-10 range would not only be the right thing to do, it would make it that much easier for LSU or Virginia Tech to jump into the top four.

So there you have it; plenty of reasons to get excited about the weekend's college football action. Keep your fingers crossed.

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