Williams Excelling on Special Teams

While the Gators offense has no shortage of explosive playmakers, Justin Williams figures to see an expanded role next season. The special teams dynamo has shown a lot of speed and instincts and could be a yet another dangerous threat for the passing game.

Justin Williams answered a few questions following Thursday's practice.

How are you guys dealing with not being in the week-to-week routine of having games every Saturday?

"It's very different. We're used to winning and playing every Saturday."

You're making a lot of contributions on special teams but obviously want to get more into the game. What are the coaches telling you about making that transition?

"When you first come here, you've got to play on special teams and prove yourself. You have to get noticed. I proved myself on special teams so the coaches say I'm ready to get some playing time on offense."

It seemed like partway through the season you really started to assert yourself at the gunner position on kickoff coverage. What has allowed you to get so good at that?

"I worked with [Riley] Cooper since he used to do it and I got his spot from that. He showed me and told me what to do and some of the little techniques for doing it. I got really good at it. The thing is – I'm fast, so that's a big reason why I'm good at it."

Do you have any thoughts on possible opponents for the bowl game, probably being Michigan or Illinois?

"To tell you the truth I don't really care about that. I'm not worried about any other team. We need to get better and get ready for this bowl. That's all we need to worry about. Whoever we play, they better be ready ‘cause we're about to bring it."

What are you looking forward to next year? What kind of goals do you have set for yourself?

"Mostly, I want to get into the offense and show them what I got. I work hard in practice but I'm ready to get in the game and get some balls thrown my way."

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