Fightin' Gators Top 13 - Final Regular Season

Those of us who abhor the inane system college football uses to select its champion are toasting with champagne today. Much like the 1972 Miami Dolphins, we haven't accomplished much in the last 35 years, but we sure love to celebrate the shortcomings of others!

The losses by West Virginia and Missouri did two things of note. It virtually assures that the teams in the BCS Title game will be better than the ones in a contest between the Mountaineers and Tigers would have been. It also means a two-loss team will play for the BCS Title. And while there has been one team claiming foul in recent years, this season you have anywhere from four to six teams with credentials equal to those in "the game".

#1 L-S-U

#2 Southern Cal

#3 Oklahoma

#4 Ohio State

#5 Georgia

#6 Virginia Tech

#7 Florida

#8 West Virginia

#9 Missouri

#10 Kansas

#11 Arizona State

#12 Hawaii

#13 The Bowl Championship Series

CC: Once again, the BCS has given us about 12 different national semifinals over the last three weeks without actually giving us a national semifinal. From the very first week when Michigan lost to App. State to the last two Saturday's with different No. 1s and 2s losing in back-to-back weeks, the system has shown its season-long flaws. Yes, it generates water cooler discussion and controversy, but it does so at great expense.

LV: Every year they tweak this perverse insult to common sense and yet every year it is proven to be even more of a fraud. Now we have eight teams with somewhat legitimate arguments for being in the final game of the season. If those eight could advance to the major bowl games with the four winners playing it off from there it would be a tremendous step forward. Instead the only entity that can make this nonsense go away is the company that pays most of the bills for it. Hello, Fox Sports will you please do something?!

JH: Get it RIGHT. Two weeks ago we were told Ohio State wasn't good enough to play for the National Title, what's your excuse now?

HC: Chaos wins again. This system is not broken, because it was never right in the first place. A system that ignores the differing quality of the conferences and treats all their championships as equal is an idiotic one. That's what we have.

Hope you have enjoyed our weekly rankings. We will do one last poll after the BCS Title Game. Obviously we have narrowly called for an LSU/USC title game, but Oklahoma and Ohio State are closer to USC than the Trojans are to LSU, showing quite a difference of opinion.

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