Hogs Getting Porked

There's an old adage that suggests you should be careful of what you wish for because you just might get it. Well Arkansas fans are now suffering the very thing that cautionary phrase predicts. They got what they want, and its turning out to be a disaster.

For some reason Arkansas football fans are under the impression that it's still 1969 and the Razorbacks should be challenging Texas for national supremacy. They felt Houston Nutt was failing in his role of Arkansas Head Coach and made his existence extremely uncomfortable. Now granted, he earned some of it by flirting with Nebraska and LSU among others, but Nutt did a solid job for the Razorbacks.

Shortly after beating LSU in the season finale' Nutt decided he was tired of the in-house bickering and walked away from the Hogs and headed to Ole Miss for less money and more enjoyment (he hopes) and much of the Arkansas fan base celebrated. They're not celebrating any more.

Multiple Rejections

To this point the vacancy in Fayetteville has served to fatten the wallets of several coaches who met with or indicate they might meet with Arkansas officials. First Tommy Tuberville got a raise and extension from Auburn and North Carolina added both to contract of Butch Davis. Tommy Bowden was next, getting even closer than the other too before Clemson jumped in with a pile of cash to keep their guy. Then, on Thursday Jim Grobe chose to stay at Wake Forest rather than enjoy what Arkansas has to offer.

It's bad enough for Arkansas to lose its coach to Ole Miss. That's flat out embarrassing on so many levels. But now the Hogs can't give their job away. Somehow I get the feeling Houston Nutt is going to have one very Merry Christmas.

Arkansas should go after Mike Leach from Texas Tech. First of all, he's a pretty good coach with a 64-37 record recruiting guys to Lubbock, Texas. Second, he has a wide open, thoroughly entertaining offense that fined second in the nation in total offense (537 yards/game) and scoring (41.8). Add to that his background coaching in the SEC (Kentucky) and the Deep South (Valdosta State) to go with his years in Texas and he should be able to recruit effectively.

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