Tebow Returns Tired

Like most college sophomores Tim Tebow is looking forward to a nap. Unlike most of his classmates, however he's really earned one.

Florida's third Heisman Trophy winner returned from Manhattan Tuesday morning eager to put his long weekend behind him and get ready for his final exams. Additionally, Tebow will be turning his attention to the Michigan Wolverines and the upcoming Capital One Bowl game in three weeks.

Tebow met with a group of media folks upon his return to the UF campus. Here are some excerpts.

How hectic were the last two days?

"It was very busy, a lot of things to do. You know they call it the city that never sleeps and after that weekend I believe ‘em."

What did you think about the Heisman dinner?

"It was awesome. It was truly awesome to hang out with all those guys and hear Herschel (Walker) and all those guys speak it was incredible."

Did you feel like you really connected with any of the other Heisman winners?

"I spent a lot of time with Herschel and that was really cool. We spoke twice on Sunday and Monday night and they were both awesome. He was really cool."

What was the one thing you took from his talk?

"He was saying how a lot of people have great intentions and great wishes but (you have to) get up and do something. He was actually doing it to raise money for a charity, but I thought it was really very motivating."

Did the three Gator Heisman winners get together at all last night?

"We did and that was actually really cool having the three of us together. I actually did a few shows together with Danny and we had a great time. To hang out with Spurrier was fun too."

How do you think this will change your life?

"I don't think too much. Maybe I'll be a little more busy with stuff and autograph seekers here and there but that's about it. I'm still the same person before I went up there as I am now."

Do you think you'll have time to start focusing on Michigan anytime soon?

"Oh yeah, I'm gonna get in there in about an hour or two and start getting ready for them. I don't think that'll be a problem at all."

Coach Mullen says he's ready to start yelling at you again.

"He is I guarantee it."

How much interaction have you had with your teammates the last few days?

"I've had good interaction, just by phone obviously. A lot of them called and congratulated me, which was really nice. And I got a lot of text messages from them so I'll be happy to get out there this afternoon and practice."

Was there one message that really stood out?

"Governor (Charlie) Crist left me a really nice message so that was cool, and Chuck Norris wrote me a really nice letter."

Considering all you've done this year is it top-able?

"Yeah, we went 9-and-3. We're looking to get better than that. We're not really worried about how many yards we put up or touchdowns we're just worried about the wins and trying to improve that next year."

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