Knox with Something to Think About

One month ago, Milton Knox knew where he was going to spend the next four years of his life. A coaching change and trip across the country later, Knox is now not so sure. Knox, fresh off a visit to the University of Florida, gave an update on where things stand.

For those that like to make comparisons this early in the game, many have said that Milton Knox reminds them of Maurice Jones-Drew. Knox, from Van Nuys (Cali.) Birmingham Senior High School like Jones-Drew has great quickness and has a low center of gravity that makes it very difficult to bring him down one on one. Knox is 5-9 and 196-pounds.

"The trip was great," Knox said. "Duke Lemmens was my host and I thought he did a good job of selling the program. spent a lot of time with Lemmens and Justin Trattou. Duke is from California and Justin is from New Jersey, so we spent a lot of time talking about playing college ball a long way from home. We went to the stadium and I got to see The Swamp up close. I thought that it looked bigger on television, but I can see how they get 92,000 in that place."

While Knox says he will take his time and make some more trips, Florida gave him something to think about.

"I would rate the visit a 10 no question about it," he said. "It is a family environment and that means a great deal to me. If I decided to play somewhere that's far from home Florida would be the place for me. I am in no hurry to rush things, but that's a place that I am considering based on what I saw and heard from coach Urban Meyer."

Knox was able to sit down and speak with Meyer today and liked what the head Gator told him.

"Coach talked to me about how close that program is and how they are like a family and that's important to me," Knox said. "Coach talked to me about how they need a guy that can come in and physically play every down in this league. Florida runs the same system that I have been in at the high school level over the last couple of year."

Knox will remember most the time spent with the current players.

"My conversations with Justin Trattou and Duke Lemmens," he said. "They told me that if I want to come and win a national title then my decision is going to be an easy one to make. If I want to go play for some average team somewhere then it will be tough on me, but if I want to win a ring and leave school with a championship then the University of Florida is the place that I will be."

If Knox were to decide that Gainesville is the place for him, he admits it wouldn't be so tough with a guy like running backs coach Stan Drayton.

"Coach Drayton is great," he said. "He is a very spiritual person like myself and we get a long great. I look at him like a true father figure and that would make the journey easier for me. I can see a guy like that being there for me to keep me up whenever I might get down. I have a great relationship with coach Drayton."

Knox rushed for 2,210 yards and 39 touchdowns this past season.

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