Best Offensive Seasons - Part V

Five days ago we began looking at the finest individual offensive seasons in Gator Football history and we are now down to the final four. Two great seasons which resulted in Heisman Trophies and two that arguably should have. First, let's review the eight incredible campaigns we have already recognized.

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#12 Fred Taylor, 1997
#11 Jimmy DuBose, 1975
#10 Kerwin Bell, 1985
#9 Emmitt Smith, 1987
#8 Reidel Anthony, 1996
#7 Steve Spurrier, 1966
#6 Danny Wuerffel, 1995
#5 Carlos Alvarez, 1969

#4 Rex Grossman, 2001 ---
Steve Spurrier certainly left the Gators in a blaze of offensive glory with "Sexy Rexy" lighting up opposing secondaries. Grossman goes down as the best passer of the Spurrier era and broke the school record with 3,896 passing yards even though he didn't get to play in the SEC Championship game. Grossman made maximum use of a tremendous trio of receivers in Jabar Gaffney (67, 1191, 13), Reche Caldwell (65, 1,059, 10) and Taylor Jacobs (38, 712, 7). The Gators settled for a 9-2 regular season, but the offense scored 20 in the loss at Auburn and 32 in falling to Tennessee. Most of us believe the 2001 Gators would have run the table if Earnest Graham had stayed healthy and/or the 9/11 attack not taken place. Still, Grossman was sensational all year long and it's an absolute travesty that Eric Crouch edged him for the Heisman.

#3 Emmitt Smith, 1989 --- While Emmitt's Heisman snub was not as ridiculous as Grossman's, it's still hard to look back and remember he finished ninth behind such immortals as Andre Ware, Major Harris and Darian Hagan. In his final season as a Gator, Emmitt was once again a one-man wrecking crew as the probation ravaged roster offered little support talent on that side of the ball. Still, with a so-so line and mediocre passing game, Smith was able to run for 1,599 yards and 14 touchdowns. He was also Florida's top receiver with 21 catches for 237 yards. Emmitt set a school record with 316 yards in a surprisingly difficult 27-21 win over New Mexico. Who will ever forget when Emmitt single handedly had the Gators within a minute of beating Auburn only to have the win slip away? A tearful Smith left the stadium devastated by the loss and the realization his Gator career would not involve any championships. Rumor has it, he's done pretty well since.

Well, we're down to the two best individual offensive seasons in UF history. Any knowledgeable Gator observer has known all along what two seasons would/should top this list. The only question, which is No. 1?

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