GAME RECAP: Michigan Up-ends Gators

ORLANDO, Fla. --- The Michigan offense proved to be too much for the Gator defense to handle in Florida 41-35 loss to the Wolverines in Tuesday's Capital One Bowl.

Here's how they scored...

1st Quarter

Michigan 7, Florida 0
Drive: 12 plays, 93 yards, 4:01
Scoring Play: Chad Henne 21-yard TD pass to Mario Manningham
PAT: K.C. Lopata kick
Clock: 10:59
Drive Started: At the Michigan 7
Drive Summary: Michigan methodically made their way down the field on the 12-play scoring drive. Henne was a perfect 7-of-7 passing and Michael Hart carried four times for 41 yards. Michigan faced just one third down on the entire drive.

Michigan 7, Florida 7
Drive: 7 plays, 59 yards, 3:04
Scoring Play: Tim Tebow 10-yard TD pass to Percy Harvin
PAT: Joey Ijjas kick
Clock: 2:37
Drive Started: At the Florida 41 after an 18-yard punt return by Brandon James
Drive Summary: The drive opened with a big run from the Heisman winner as Tebow rushed for a 19-yard gain. Three plays later, Tebow hit Cornelius Ingram across the middle for 17 yards to put the Gators inside the red zone.

2nd Quarter

Florida 14, Michigan 7
Drive: 3 plays, 29 yards, :54
Scoring Play: Tebow 18-yard TD pass to Andre Caldwell
PAT: Ijjas kick
Clock: 14:48
Drive Started: At the Michigan 29 set up by a 23-yard punt return from James and a 15-yard personal foul penalty on the Wolverines
Drive Summary: Two big pass plays offset two Gator penalties. First, Tebow hit Harvin for an 18-yard gain, setting up the pass to Caldwell.

Florida 14, Michigan 14
Drive: 12 plays, 56 yards, 4:57
Scoring Play: Hart 3-yard TD run
PAT: Lopata kick
Clock: 9:51
Drive Started: At the Michigan 44
Drive Summary: The Wolverines used two pass completions from Henne to Manningham to set up the touchdown. The big play was a 24-yard completion down the left sideline beating Joe Haden on man coverage. Before Hart's touchdown run, the Gators had stopped him, posting three tackles for a loss on the drive.

Michigan 21, Florida 14
Drive: 11 plays, 62 yards, 2:31
Scoring Play: Henne 1-yard TD pass to Adrian Arrington
PAT: Lopata kick
Clock: :08
Drive Started: At the Michigan 38
Drive Summary: A big pas interference call against the Gators helped Michigan on the drive. The Wolverines also picked up a 3rd-and-12 when Henne hit Manningham for a 15-yard gain. Later, he hit Arrington across the middle for a 23 yard gain, setting up the 1-yard touchdown toss.

3rd Quarter

Michigan 28, Florida 14
Drive: 7 plays, 37 yards, 2:10
Scoring Play: Hart 1-yard TD run
PAT: Lopata kick
Clock: 12:50
Drive Started: At the Florida 37 after the Gators misplayed the Michigan sky kick and the Wolverines recovered
Drive Summary: Michigan converted another 3rd-and-long when Henne hit Arrington across the middle for a 20-yard gain. The play put the Wolverines at the Florida 2, and two plays later Hart crossed the goal line.

Michigan 28, Florida 21
Drive: 10 plays, 56 yards, 4:55
Scoring Play: Tebow 1-yard TD run
PAT: Ijjas kick
Clock: 7:55
Drive Started: At the Florida 44
Drive Summary: The Gators converted a huge fourth down play when Tebow hit Harvin for a 10-yard gain. Tebow had a big 14-yard run just before the 1-yard touchdown run. The score extended Tebow's streak of at least a rushing touchdown and passing touchdown in a game to 14 games. Tebow also became the all-time single season rushing leader for quarterbacks with his 23rd rushing touchdown of the season. The previous record was held by former Air Force quarterback Chance Harridge who had 22 in 2002.

Michigan 28, Florida 28
Drive: 8 plays, 80 yards, 3:11
Scoring Play: Tebow 14-yard TD pass to Caldwell
PAT: Ijjas kick
Clock: 1:26
Drive Started: At the Florida 20, following Major Wright's fumble recovery in the end zone
Drive Summary: Florida's drive was dead in the water before Chas Henry passed to Aaron Hernandez on a fake punt to convert a 4th-and-7. Harvin then had a 44-yard running play, giving him more than 100 yards rushing for the game followed by Tebow's second TD pass of the game to Caldwell.

4th Quarter

Michigan 31, Florida 28
Drive: 10 plays, 50 yards, 4:10
Scoring Play: Lopata 37-yard field goal
Clock: 12:16
Drive Started: At the Michigan 30
Drive Summary: The Michigan field goal was set up by a 23-yard run by Manningham who completely reversed his field on the play, turning a big loss into a big gain and a 16-yard run by Hart. A 15-yard clipping penalty against the Wolverines kept them from a possible touchdown.

Florida 35, Michigan 31
Drive: 5 plays, 34 yards, 2:30
Scoring Play: Harvin 10-yard TD run
PAT: Ijjas kick
Clock: 5:49
Drive Started: At the Michigan 34 following Michael Pouncey's interception
Drive Summary: Tebow carried twice for 12 yards and then hit Hernandez across the middle for a 9-yard pick up setting up the Gator touchdown.

Michigan 38, Florida 35
Drive: 4 plays, 67 yards, 1:37
Scoring Play: Henne 18-yard pass to Arrington
PAT: Lopata kick
Clock: 4:12
Drive Started: At the Michigan 33
Drive Summary: It took Michigan just four plays to go 67 yards and regain the lead. Henne was a perfect 3-of-3 including a 37-yard and 18-yard pass to Arrington.

Michigan 41, Florida 35
Drive: 4 plays, 0 yards, :21
Scoring Play: Lopata 41-yard field goal
Clock: 2:21
Drive Started: At the Florida 24
Drive Summary: After running Hart up the middle three times, the Wolverines settled for a field goal to extend the lead to six points.

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