Best Offensive Seasons - Part VI

Today we wrap up our series by looking at the two greatest offensive seasons in Florida Football history. It's been interesting for me to go through the remarkable individual campaigns that guys have had and hope that you have found it interesting, too.

There are two things to do before looking at the two greatest seasons. First, I want to acknowledge some of the great seasons that did not make this list:

  • Shane Matthews, 1991
  • Chris Leak, 2004
  • John Reaves, 1969
  • Errict Rhett, 1993
  • Ciatrick Fason, 2004
  • Tommy Durrance, 1969
  • Chris Doering, 1995
  • Wes Chandler, 1976
  • Travis McGriff, 1998
  • Jabar Gaffney, 2000 & 2001
  • Lomas Brown, 1984 --- The best season I've ever seen from a lineman

    Second, let's remember the seasons chosen for positions 3-12:

    #12 Fred Taylor, 1997
    #11 Jimmy DuBose, 1975
    #10 Kerwin Bell, 1985
    #9 Emmitt Smith, 1987
    #8 Reidel Anthony, 1996
    #7 Steve Spurrier, 1966
    #6 Danny Wuerffel, 1995
    #5 Carlos Alvarez, 1969
    #4 Rex Grossman, 2001
    #3 Emmitt Smith, 1989

    And now, the obvious top two:

    #2 Tim Tebow, 2007 --- It's amazing to look back just four months and remember people questioning if Florida's new quarterback would throw the ball well enough to keep defenses honest. It was a bizarre question, considering that Tebow had thrown for 9,000 yards plus in his high school career. In shot, the answer turned out to be yes. Tebow put together a season that topped anything anyone had ever seen from a running/passing combination quarterback. His 29 touchdown passes and 22 rushing touchdowns may never be approached again. Almost as impressive is that he threw just six interceptions and never fumbled. He also broke the school total offense record with 3,970 despite not getting the extra game in Atlanta. Tebow became Florida's third Heisman Trophy winner and the first to earn the award as a sophomore. It was a season people will talk about for years to come, but not quite the greatest in Florida history.

    #1 Danny Wuerffel, 1996 --- The National Championship is not what earns Wuerffel the top nod in this category. After all, this is about individual seasons, right? No, the reason that Wuerffel holds the title of the greatest individual season in Florida history is that he played in more important games and played his best in the two biggest games of his life. It comes down to two games for the ages. In the 1996 SEC Championship Game, Wuerffel and the Gators took to the field knowing Texas had beaten Nebraska and the Gators might get a second shot at Florida State. That night in Atlanta, Wuerffel threw for 401 yards and six touchdowns against the sixth-ranked defense in the nation. Both marks still stand as SEC Title game records. Then, in the Sugar Bowl with the National Championship on the line Wuerffel passed for another 306 yards and three scores. So in the two biggest games of his life Wuerffel passed for 907 yards and 9 touchdowns.

    More than the 3,625 yards and 39 touchdowns it was the two most clutch performances in school history that made Danny Wuerffel's 1996 campaign the greatest individual offensive season ever at the University of Florida.

    How'd I do?

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