Updating Recruiting Numbers

With the commitment of standout offensive tackle Matt Patchan the Florida Gators have 16 pledges to the class of 2008. Two of those, receiver Carl Moore and defensive tackle Troy Epps are already on board bringing Florida's current scholarship count to 64.

If you add 14 to that you have the Gators still seven scholarships below the limit with no further attrition. Obviously Cornelius Ingram could make another scholarship available and you have to assume there might be one or two other possibilities.

So let's say the Gators add eight more guys for this signing class. How should they break down? I'm not getting into individuals, that's Jason's deal, but I do think the Gators have to target certain areas.

Offensive tackle (2) --- Even with Patchan on board the Gators have just four tackles on scholarship with Jason Watkins, Phil Trautwein and Marcus Gilbert. Watkins and Trautwein are both seniors so more tackles must be brought in.

Linebacker (2) --- Florida has nine linebackers currently on scholarship, but a number of them are undersized. Lorenzo Edwards and Brendan Beal will add some bulk to the position, but that's not enough.

Receiver (2) --- One of the two should be a tight end if there's a good enough one on hand because Ingram (if he comes back) and Tate Casey are both seniors in '08 leaving only Aaron Hernandez for the future. If no TE is brought in this year it will be a high priority next go ‘round.

Misc (1) --- With all positions acceptably stocked Florida might still have one to spare and that could be for a bonus DT, a blocking back candidate for an additional receiver.

Ok, I've broken down the numbers, you fill in the names!

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