Ten Reasons Why LSU Will Win

The BCS National Championship game is set for Monday night when the LSU Tigers take on the Ohio State Buckeyes for the top prize in college football. I could spend pages and pages on why this game is as fraudulent a "championship" game as any since Brigham Young beat Michigan in the Holiday Bowl back in 1984 but I won't.

Instead I offer up a detailed and highly cerebral breakdown of the reasons why Ohio State will once again walk off the national stage with lovely parting gifts rather than a trophy.

Slow-hio State --- Anyone watching last year's title game was amazed at the speed discrepancy between the Buckeyes and the Florida Gators. Have they gotten that much faster in a year? Is LSU as fast as Florida was? The answers are no and yes.

The Gypsy Queen --- The first time I made a trip to New Orleans our journey included a trip to the crypt of the Gypsy Queen of New Orleans. It's gotta be spooky for Midwesterners to try and win a game in her back yard.

Glenn Dorsey is healthy --- Ohio State will be making a huge mistake if they think the Glenn Dorsey they saw in November is the guy they'll see in this game. Dorsey has recovered from the despicable cheap shot he took in the Auburn game and is ready to rock and roll.

Location, location, location --- Ohio State enjoyed a slight edge in the stands a year ago but couldn't capitalize after the opening kickoff sent their partisans into a premature frenzy. This time they are playing in the Louisiana Superdome. No, it's not fair, but the reality is this will be a major home field advantage magnified by being in a Dome which amplifies the noise factor.

Mascot mismatch --- LSU is the Fightin' Tigers. Tigers are ferocious powerful beasts that don't lost fights, ever. Ohio State's mascot is a nut. That's right its mascot is a nut. As a prognosticator sometimes I feel like a nut, this time I don't.

0-8 versus the SEC --- Ohio State's Bowl history against the Southeastern Conference is about the same as France's in armed confrontation. The Buckeyes simply don't win. Not now, not ever.

SEC versus Big Ten --- Yeah, I know all about Michigan's win over the Florida Gators. Even with that, the Big Ten, the conference that can not count is 3-4 this bowl season while the SEC is 6-2. A seven win bowl season would be pretty strong validation of the SEC as the nation's best conference.

Karma --- When LSU has a chance to win a title they do it. When Ohio State has that opportunity, they don't. In the last year the boys from Buckeye land have lost the National Championship game in football, basketball AND men's soccer. At some point you have to accept the fact that destiny doesn't like you every much.

Early Doucet --- If Dorsey's health is the number one positive for LSU, Doucet being at full speed has to be close behind. The LSU speedster was limited most of the year and averaged just 9.5 yards per catch. Word is he is finally fully recovered and that gives LSU a weapon Ohio State can't keep up with.

Battle tested --- Perhaps the biggest reason of all is that LSU has played a dramatically tougher schedule than Ohio State has. LSU owns wins over Virginia Tech, Tennessee, Auburn, Alabama and Florida. Ohio State's toughest opponents were Illinois, Michigan and Wisconsin and two of them lost bowl games. LSU will be playing its eighth ranked opponent (at game time) all in the top 20. Ohio State will be playing its FIRST game all season against a team ranked in the top 20 at kickoff. That's significant.

All kidding aside this game should be much more competitive than last year's BCS Title game IF Ohio State gets off to a good start. But from my perspective there are just too many things working against the Buckeyes to see them hoisting the trophy and carrying it down Bourbon Street.

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