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It's the height of the recruiting season, almost all the coaching jobs have been filled as I write this and the world of college football is about to slip into a bit of a lull. Still there's usually enough going on to offer some musings a couple of times a month.

This time around we'll look at the latest NCAA administrative votes, woeful minority hiring records and more.

Text ban stays --- The NCAA's decision to keep in place a ban on text messaging is a typical example of old guys just not understanding young ones. High school kids today text message their parents from one end of the house to the other. They would rather text than talk. It's the best way to establish a rapport with a prospective student athlete given the limited phone calls and in person visits you get. The concern about the cost to the student is a legit one, but I have an easy solution. It should cost a school $50 to register to recruit a student athlete. That student athlete may then apply to the NCAA for text charge reimbursement. They can only get reimbursed for a specific receipt, and that would solve that problem.

Back of the bus, coach --- 18 major college coaching changes took place this off-season yet the number of black head coaches in college football remains at six. Karl Dorrell was fired at UCLA and Kevin Sumlin got hired by Houston to keep that number steady. It's an ongoing disgrace in college football and one that shows no sign of getting better. I've seen comments from Myles Brand, the NCAA President echoing the same garbage we've heard through the years that this will change as there are more and more blacks in administration. Top down solutions to core problems NEVER work. The only sensible solution is to expand coaching opportunities and thus create more opportunities on the ladder for black coaches to move up. If college basketball, with 13 players can have four full-time coaches, why can't college football have a dozen? Two more full-time positions and two more grad assistant slots would get more coaches of all backgrounds into the profession and stands a better chance of eventually eliminating this discrepancy than wishin' and hopin', which seems to be the NCAA plan.

Look at me, Steve Orsini --- If you wanted anyone in intercollegiate athletics to take a shine to you it would have to been SMU Athletic Director Steve Orsini. Than man made George O'Leary a multi-millionaire and has now lavished a $ two million a year salary on former Hawaii Coach June Jones. Hey Steve, gimme a call!

Turning pro? --- It's hard to quibble with the decisions made by Derrick Harvey, Gene Hayes, Steve Slaton and others to move on to the NFL. While each is fare from a finished product and I suspect none will be first round selections it's their right to go for it. Now explain to me Xavier Lee turning pro. The physically gifted but mentally, intellectually and maturity challenged Seminoles backup quarterback has left school and will work out for pro scouts. He might be the signal caller in history to leave school early because his college coach told him he'd never play quarterback again.

More pro decisions --- While on this subject all indications are that both Arkansas runners Darren McFadden and Felix Jones will pass on their senior season in pigville and turn pro. McFadden seems like a certain top five pick while Jones will more likely be a late first/early second round guy. Still it's refreshing to see players walk out on Bobby Petrino for a change.

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