Rankings Don't Reflect Reality

There has been much written about how the Gators are "only" ranked in the mid-teens on Scout.com's national recruiting assessment. Some feel it is inaccurate and reflects an anti-us bias. Others feel Gator commitments are not getting the love they deserve. Others just want the highest number possible in order to post a vicarious "win" over top rivals.

Let me offer some perspective here. I don't rank players and don't follow recruiting, but I am pretty good at math. If you do the math, I think you will reach the same conclusion I have. Florida's recruiting class as of Thursday morning (addition of Lerentee McCray) is clearly superior to several schools that currently have higher rankings.

To illustrate the point, first let's look at five current commitment lists with the following key data: total commitments, commitments that are 4-star or better and the average ranking (in terms of stars) for the players committed.

Team A -- 27 -- 9 -- 3.26

Team B -- 27 -- 7 -- 3.15

Team C -- 25 -- 8 -- 3.16

Team D -- 26 -- 6 -- 3.04

Team E -- 19 -- 10 -- 3.68

Now ask yourself, which class would you rather have? Only one team has more than one third of its class with four stars or better. Only one class has a clearly higher average ranking than the other four. I suppose it comes down to the question do you want quantity or quality?

As you probably figured by now, Florida is Team E and is currently ranked No. 15 by Scout.com. The other teams are all ranked higher than the Gators, but I don't think I would trade Florida's numbers for those, would you? As for who those other teams are:

Team A is No. 4 Texas A&M, Team B is No. 5 Miami, Team C is No. 8 Washington and Team D is No. 13 Illinois.

It's obvious that the scoring system favors large signing classes, and I'm not going to argue with that. But it is important to balance that number with a healthy respect for the need to get the highest quality players possible. Florida has a better chance to add to its point total and move up in the rankings than those other teams, and four more top prospects would likely propel the Gators into the top ten when all is said and done. In the meantime, don't let arbitrary numbers upset you and focus on the more important ones.

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