Patterson to Visit Florida

[MEDIA:32874]<B>David Patterson</B> is one of the nation's top defensive tackle prospects. Right now, he favors to two teams and has set up an official visit with Florida.

Defensive tackle David Patterson is one of the most sought after prospects from the state of Ohio. He plays for Warrensville Heights High School and they just finished the season (6-4) and missed the playoffs.

"I think I had a good year," said Patterson. "I finished with 13-16 sacks and I think I lead my team in tackles. I can't believe we didn't make the playoffs and it is now over."

Patterson recently took an official visit to Miami (10-12) and he was blown away by the Hurricanes.

"It was so much fun," said Patterson. "I was down there for the Florida State game. The game was great and the atmosphere was incredible, like a circus down there. Everyone was having a good time.

"If I picked Miami, it would really be a change for me. I like all the coaches and Coach Coker made us feel like part of the family. Right now, my top two teams are Miami and Ohio State."

In a previous interview with Patterson, he stated that his mom preferred him to stay close to home and go to Ohio State. Is that still the case?

"We just talked about that and right now, she wants me to do what makes me happy. I still want to take visits. I am scheduled to visit Maryland (12-6) and Florida (12-13). I will visit Ohio State for the Michigan game (he said he is going regardless) or in January."

Patterson will also likely set up an official visit to Michigan.

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