Florida Prepares For Georgia

Head Football Coach Ron Zook and selected Florida players comment on this weekend's annual showdown in Jacksonville vs. SEC rival Georgia...

Coach Ron Zook

On team's confidence:

"Our football team is a confident football team regardless of what people think. They're excited for this football game. They know that this football game is a game that we need to win to continue to get to our number one goal that we set at the beginning of the year. They're looking forward to this game, they really are."

On what he learned about Georgia from Coach Spurrier:

"The one thing I learned from Coach Spurrier is a statement he made that this is a team that the University of Florida has to beat. Maybe that goes back to the time he was here. And he also taught me about how he felt was the best way to prepare a team for a big game like this."

On who the pressure is on:

"The only pressure that is on our team is to go out and play hard. The only pressure I'm putting on them is to go and play the way we can play. Let's go up and let it go. We're a good enough football team to beat anybody that we line up against. There's no pressure on us. Our guys have been there."

Todd Johnson

On the atmosphere of the game:

"Its really something you can't explain when you see the stadium split in half, and obviously you don't see that anywhere else. Its just a real neat feeling when you are coming down over that bridge and you see all the fans out there tailgating and all of the flags flying. Its just a fun feeling and its probably the best weekend of the year."

On goals now for the season:

"Our motto has just been 'win this game.' Win this game that's at hand and we'll take it from there."

Shannon Snell

On the Florida-Georgia experience:

"It's a new experience. When you come here to The Swamp you see all your fans and when you go to the opposing teams town you see all their fans. When you go to Florida-Georgia you see both fans, and some of them are tailgating together. It's the biggest football experience you can be in."

"It's one of those games in which you would just love to get in one snap. You're becoming a part of history when you play that game."

"This is the border war. This decides on some of the recruits. It's a big as it gets."

Clint Mitchell

On the Florida-Georgia rivalry:

"It's a huge game to me. Ever since my freshman year when coaches hyped it up and told us the history, told us what it represented. There's no other game like it. It's huge for me and my family. It's a rivalry of respect.

On Florida's mindset:

"It's do or die, when have to win this game. It's already the Florida-Georgia game, but the title of the SEC is on the line. Georgia's 8-0, their supposed to be the Big Dawgs. We just want to go in and do the best we can. It's big time, so I expect the big players to come out and make plays."

Rex Grossman

"Our biggest goal left is to win the SEC East. We'll still have a great season if that happens, so that's the biggest and only motivating factor I have. It's a huge rivalry and a tough game, so obviously you want to win that, but this is huge for the SEC East. If we can win this, it puts a lot of pressure on them to win out."

On Georgia's defense:

"They're fast and athletic. They play a lot of different coverages. We're going to have to be sound in pretty much everything we do. We have to run our routes right and I have to make the right reads. I'm looking forward to it, I think we can put some points on the board. But at the same time, we're going to have to bring our A game to do that."

Ingle Martin

On alternating quarterbacks:

"It gives the defense a lot more to prepare for. It's been proven that mobile quarterbacks are tough to cover and passing quarterbacks are tough to cover, especially when you have one like Rex. You have to respect the whole field and if I play, you have to respect my running ability. It adds a few wrinkles to our game plan."

On Rex's support:

"He offers me encouragement, what I should do and what I should look for. He's a fierce competitor and I've thought that since I've watched him play. It's amazing to watch him go out and play and want to do the best he can; to go out and throw 50-50 for 500 yards. But it's just a testament to who he is and the type of player he is. Defenses respect him, his coaches love him and his players love him."

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