2009 By the Numbers

With the addition of 23 players in this year's class it is time to take a look at what next year's class might look like based on the numbers. The Gators will be in a position to take five early enrollee's next year and an additional eight players on signing day.

That's a total of 13 players for next year's class. Now we know that Florida will have some basic attrition due to transfers and defections we just don't know how many. But in any given year I think a safe number is four, so that's what I will go off for the time being for a total of 17 players on National Signing Day 2009.

The Gators will certainly look to land a big time quarterback in the class as well as a big time running back which brings the total to 15. Even with limited numbers I still believe that the Gators will look to land three offensive lineman and three defensive linemen or a total of six in the trenches, which leaves only nine available scholarships.

With the remaining spots I believe that the Gators will take two cornerbacks and one safety to bring the total down to six. With those remaining six spots look for Florida to take three linebackers and three wide receivers. My early projections for the 2009 class by position break down like this:

Quarterback --- 1
Running Back --- 1
Wide Receiver --- 3
Offensive Linemen --- 3
Defensive Linemen --- 3
Linebackers --- 3
Safeties --- 1
Cornerbacks --- 2

With so much talent on the Florida roster they will be in a position to take the best available players moving forward and there is no shortage of talent in the '09 class.

These are subject to change depending on who wants to come and who doesn't but I think this should be your stating point for any mock class that you might do moving forward. If you think putting together last year's class was tough try doing it with 17 or less scholarships at your disposal.

Here are five quarterbacks to remember for the class of '09.

  • Shavodrick Beaver from Wichita Falls (TX) Rider High School has been compared to Oregon quarterback Dennis Dixon and at 6-4 and 200-pounds with a 4.5 40 I can see why.
  • Aaron Murray from Tampa (FL) Plant Senior High School is 6-1 and 200-pounds and did it against the state's best competition last year.
  • Kevin Newsome from Chesapeake (VA) Western Branch High School will be one to watch for more than a few reasons. The main reason is some talk has circulated that he may transfer to play with wide receiver Logan Heastie. Newsome ended his junior season with more than 1,500 yards passing and 600 rushing. Newsome has been compared to Tim Tebow by just about every coach that is recruiting him.
  • Morgan Newton from Carmel (IN) High School is 6-5 and 205-pounds and finished his junior season with more than 2,000 yards passing and 900 rushing with a total of 36 touchdowns.
  • One of the most explosive players in the nation regardless of position is Houston (TX) standout Russell Shepard. Shepard, from Cypress Ridge High School is 6-2 and 190-pounds and has the same sort of game as Florida wide receiver Percy Harvin. Shepard recently mentioned that he noticed that the Gators did not land a signal caller in this year's recruiting class.

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