SEC Coaches Looking More Stable

A month ago I wrote how there could be a massive overhaul in the SEC as far as basketball coaching positions were concerned. Well, a lot has happened since then, and it's looking more and more like there could be just a pair of changes (LSU, South Carolina) after all.

Billy Gillespie --- The first key to creating a more stable situation was the surge of the Kentucky Wildcats. It seemingly eliminated any desire of Big Blue to extricate itself from what at the time was an uncomfortable marriage. Now Gillespie has won over many of his critics and will likely get a chance to build a champion in Lexington.

John Pelphrey --- Would have been the top candidate at Kentucky if they did something drastic. Since they aren't going to, Pel stays put and gets the challenge of rebuilding the Hogs once he loses six seniors.

Dennis Felton --- Georgia's embattled coach may well have earned a reprieve after the Dawgs' improbable run to the SEC Tournament Championship. Felton inherited a terrible situation in the aftermath of the Harrick family's tenure. He's also been victimized by bad luck and some bad behavior by his players. If you were betting today, you'd bet he stays.

Mark Gottfried --- Alabama wants more out of its basketball program, and it's debatable if Gottfried can deliver it. Still they are above the .500 mark; he is averaging about 20 wins a season and played this year without point guard Ronald Steele. Now he has to convince Richard Hendrix to stay for his senior season.

Jeff Lebo --- Four seasons into his time at Auburn it's hard to see a great deal of progress. Lebo lost his big guys to injury this year so he might get a pass. He has to hope Josh Dollard, Kovortny Barber and Boubacar Sylla make complete recoveries. Auburn will lose its two best players in seniors Quan Prowell (15/6.3) and Frank Tolbert (13.4/5.2).

Bruce Pearl --- Indiana should break the bank to hire this guy. Pearl is not only a terrific coach and recruiter, he is a bundle of positive energy that the scandal-ridden Hoosiers desperately need. AND he won a Division II NCAA Title at Southern INDIANA. His 392-106 record doesn't suck either.

Kevin Stallings --- He would also be a good fit at Indiana, but being a "Purdue Man" might rule him out there. He's in a perfect position to cash in after these two seasons.

Billy Donovan, Andy Kennedy, Rick Stansbury --- Ain't goin' nowhere!

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