R.P.I. may it R.I.P.

The NCAA Tournament selection committee did a reasonably good job in putting together this year's field of 65 for the big dance. Sure there are selections you can argue with, but there always will be. I would have taken Arizona State over Arizona, VCU over South Alabama and Virginia Tech over Baylor, but that's show biz.

To me the most notable thing about this year's selections is death of the Ratings Percentage Index as a critical element in determining the most deserving at-large team. The selection committee chose No. 56 Kentucky and No. 55 Oregon over not one or two but SEVEN schools with higher RPI. Now I would agree that Kentucky was a more deserving team than No. 46 Ole Miss, but the RPI needs to be thrown out of the public discussion if the NCAA is not going to give it more significant consideration that they did this time around.

And that's not a bad thing. The RPI has always bothered me because it ONLY considers won/loss records and your own performance is only 25 percent of the equation. Jay Bilas made a great point on ESPN when he pointed out that Kentucky got blown out by 41 points out Vandy and its RPI went up eight points. Some objective criterion must be used, certainly, but the RPI is inadequate. If you don't believe me, ask the committee that used it as a tool in choosing this year's field.

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