Q&A: Deonte Thompson

Deonte Thompson came to Gainesville as a highly-touted freshman, but didn't see a snap all season. Frustration grew and there was talk of him transferring, but Thompson is back and hungrier as ever. And he's glad he's still as a freshman.

Deonte Thompson profile

What did you spend last year doing?

"I learned the techniques and how to run my routes real food."

Would you have considered it a waste to just play a little bit last year?

"To just play one game and get maybe two catches would have been a waste of a year. It's good to come back this year and still be a freshman."

What's your attitude like this year?

"I'm hungry. I want this year. I want it real bad. I sat out last year and I wanted to play so bad. Now is my chance to play and I can't let it slip. I feel real good. I'm real energetic and spring is real good for me so far."

What is your relationship like with Percy Harvin?

"We help each other out. Most of the time I'm asking him stuff. He's always teaching me this and that. All of the receivers coach each other. I learned a lot from Bubba [Andre Caldwell]. Most of the stuff I know technique-wise, I learned from him."

For the Orange and Blue Debut, is there any one on campus that can run with you or Percy?

"We should beat them by more than five yards."

What did the coaches tell you during the offseason?

"Coach always says effort, so I just want to come out and go as hard as I can go. They want to see effort so I'm just going to keep on going. I know the offense now."

How upset were you when you didn't get to play last year?

"Every freshman wants to come in and play. It was a little depressing when I got here and didn't play, but I got over it. The coaches talked with me and calmed me down a bit."

Did you feel like you weren't as good as you thought when you didn't play?

"You could say that, but this is a different tempo and a different game. In high school, you don't need to know defenses. You need to know them in college, though. You just had to go out and run routes."

Is it tough with so many receivers running around out here?

"That's the competitive level. That's when you have to step up your game. You see someone make a big play and you have to go out and match it. You can't be slipping. That's all it is, you can't slip."

What would you tell some of the freshman like Janoris Jenkins?

"I would just say go as hard as you can – effort. I would tell them to go as hard as they can on every play. You just have to keep doing what you're doing and you'll get a chance."

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