Moore Getting Accustomed to Gainesville

With the loss of Andre Caldwell to the Gator receiving corps, Urban Meyer is counting on some of the younger receivers who haven't done much to step up. But they're also looking to junior college transfer Carl Moore. Meyer doesn't usually go out and get junior college transfers, but Moore was a must have.

At 6-4, 223-pounds, Carl Moore is a big, physical receiver with great speed. In the first few weeks of spring practice, he's shown his ability to be explosive and make plays, but he's also shown that it's going to take some time for him to adjust to the Gators' complicated spread offense.

"My offense back in junior college, it was so basic that everyone knew what we were doing," Moore said. "It was just a matter of beating the person in front of you. This offense here, there are three different routes for every single play depending on what kind of defense you're reading. It's a learning process."

But the other Gator receivers, mainly Louis Murphy and Percy Harvin, know how special Moore can be and how important he'll be for Florida's success in the fall. The two have taken him under their wings to help him adjust to the offense.

"Murphy has been a big help," Moore said. "When I'm out there, I'm really lost. I just know I have to get to a certain area. I'm not always sure how to get there, but I just try to get there. It's good to have Murph and Percy in my ear telling me how to get my releases and everything like that."

One thing Moore has down that is imperative for Gator receivers is blocking.

"Blocking is easy for me because I'm such a big, physical receiver that blocking comes naturally to me," he said. "It's something that I like to do and probably one of the only things that I have down right now."

Midway through spring practice, Moore hopes he can grasp a better understanding of the offense, so he can focus on getting ready for the fall during the summer workouts.

"I can catch the ball well, that's not a concern to me," Moore said. "It's really just trying to get the offense down. I need to know the depth of my routes and my steps and everything. It's a lot different because post routes here are different than post routes that I'm used to. It's really just me being able to adjust and being confident in my game."

Adjusting to life at an SEC school is a big difference, too. It's not the more laid back atmosphere that he came from at Sierra Community College in Northern California.

"This is definitely a big difference, that's for sure," Moore said. "Right now, I feel out of it just because I'm trying to get the offense down. Everything's new. I just have to get that adjustment before the summertime."

And adjusting to life on the east coast is something Moore needs to do as well. He did spend the early years of his life in New York, so coming to Florida is sort of like coming home.

"I was born in New York and lived there until I was 10 years old, so it's kind of like coming home," Moore said. "It's been good. The players have been good, the coaches have been good and the team is real good on staying close with everyone. It's very family oriented. It's just like being part of a family and I have a new family now."

Plus, his girlfriend Maranda Smith who attended UCLA before attending Sierra Community College and meeting Moore is now a member of the Gators gymnastics team and helping Moore with the transition.

"She keeps me straight and in line," Moore said. "She keeps me focused and keeps me mellow. I don't do too much of that freshmen partying stuff. I'm just really focused on football and school."

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