A Move Pouncey Wanted to Make

Sophomore Maurkice Pouncey has taken over the center duties this spring with the graduation of Drew Miller. Despite a great year at right guard last season, it was a move that Pouncey wanted to make. Offensive line coach Steve Addazio talked about Pouncey's move.

How badly do you want to get a center in place for the next couple years of this program?

"I'm not concerned about that. I want to put the five best offensive linemen on the field whoever they are. I think too much is made of that sometimes. We have not had any center to quarterback exchange problems. The most important thing is getting the best five linemen out on the field. Maurkice Pouncey has done a great job. He likes playing center. He is a center. If he can hold that position then great, but we'll have four centers ready to go."

In this offense, how important is the center position?

"At center you have to be a bold guy. It has to be your world. You have to understand all the pressures. You have to understand how to recognize defenses. All those things have to happen. It's real, real important. That guy is like the quarterback of the offensive line. He's got to call out pressures. He's got all sorts of stuff going on. You have to have a guy that can absorb it and understand the big picture of the defense."

How does Maurkice fill those?

"Great. He played as a true freshman, which is hard to do. He had a heck of a year. He's a tough guy. He loves football. He can't get enough football. That's a great job description right there. You have a veteran guy coming in here to snap the ball. He'll do a great job with it."

Is he getting any help from Drew Miller?

"All those guys can handle that whole things. It's just the pressure of the snap and that's just pure repetition. That's all that is. Michael Pouncey will be snapping, Maurkice will be snapping, Phil Trautwein will be snapping, Jim Barrie will be snapping, Corey Hobbs will be snapping. I learned that a long time ago. You better load them up and have a bunch of snappers. You don't ever want to panic if your center goes down."

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