Still no Decision for Harvin

After a conference call on Saturday, there is still no decision on Florida's talented offensive weapon Percy Harvin. Urban Meyer anticipates a decision within the next few days.

"We're pretty close with coming up with a decision," Urban Meyer said after Florida's Monday workout. "We're pretty close on what treatment we're going to do. It's a heel injury that's gone up into his knee. But we had a specialist from North Carolina, a foot specialist from down here and then Dr. Pete, so we're coming up with a plan and a decision will be made in the next couple of days."

Percy Harvin's injury started back in high school and then began acting up again last summer. Although the injury directly impacts a bone in his heel, it started to affect the rest of his leg.

"It comes from over use," Meyer said. "Obviously, he's a quick twitch guy and he plants his foot in the ground. When you see the MRI there's a white area where there is trauma in his heel. Now Percy is starting to have knee pain because he's trying to compensate with his knee and hip."

Early on, the staff thought Harvin's injury was tendonitis, but obviously the treatment given did not solve the problem. Meyer is now finding himself searching the country for someone familiar with the injury.

"Not many guys have ever had this," Meyer said. "The MRI showed that it's a significant injury. Everything that I've been told, Percy should be full speed in the fall. When I hear doctors say they've never really dealt with this, we've made a lot of calls finding someone that has dealt with this."

As Meyer said, Harvin is expected to be full strength in the fall. How he's used is another question.

"Percy plays tailback," Meyer said. "He's a tailback playing tailback. The final game of the season he ran for I think 175 against FSU. The game before that he ran for 180 I think and then he ran for 150 against Vanderbilt. Those are great running back stats."

Harvin, however, is considered by most as a wide receiver, so the battle of the backfield continues this spring. Even with the talented USC transfer Emmanuel Moody lining up in the backfield, Meyer and the Gators find themselves in a similar spot – searching for an everyday running back.

"Kestahn Moore is having a great spring," Meyer said. "Chris Rainey and Brandon James are the next two. Our man Moody is showing some signs of being that premier running back, he's just got to be more consistent."

Rainey, by far, has made the biggest strides this spring.

"Chris Rainey, you can expect to see him outside a little bit," Meyer said. "He's among our top five playmakers and you know the history of this team. If you're a top five playmaker you touch the ball a bunch. He's come a long ways. He's on that top four or five list as far as turnarounds. He had a tough time just brushing his teeth and shaving and getting ready for day-to-day work. I don't know if he's a grown man yet. He'll block a punt. I know he'll do that."

Mon Williams is practicing, but still not 100 percent from his knee injury last season.

Battle on defense

An offseason wrist surgery for A.J. Jones and a battle with a fever for Major Wright have allowed a couple of defensive players to show their stuff in the last week or so. Ahmad Black has stepped in for Wright and Meyer has been impressed.

"Ahmad Black is a guy that's come out of nowhere," Meyer said. "He's battling for some playing time. Major Wright has been sick. He didn't play in the scrimmage on Saturday cause he had a 102 temperature. He went today. Dorian Munroe is having a fine spring. And Jamar Hornsby is doing well. Bryan Thomas is still not full speed. He's gimping around a little bit. John Curtis is having a decent spring."

And at linebacker, Brandon Hicks is making his move.

"He's doing great," Meyer said. "I love him. He was a great special teams player for us last year and he's battling for a starting spot."

Despite Hicks' impressive play, Meyer hasn't been fully pleased with the rest of the backup linebackers.

"John Jones hasn't practiced because he's been injured this spring," Meyer said. "He hasn't gained the weight or strength that we would have hoped by now. Lorenzo Edwards is getting a little better. A.J. Jones hasn't been healthy and we're hoping to get him back by the end of the spring. We're getting a little bit of depth."

Meyer said that Jerimy Finch still has a ways to go, and early enrollee Brendan Beal sat out Monday's practice with a shoulder injury.

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