Scouting Vandy

Floridas travel to Nashville looking for their third straight SEC victory and remain alive for the conference championship. Vanderbilt once again provides a motivation nightmare for the Gators as they are mired in their 20th consecutive losing season and this one under new coach Bobby Johnson. A win for Ron Zook and he will have UF poised for another New Year's Day Bowl appearance.

Vanderbilt Offense:
The Commodores are averaging 334 yards per game, but unlike last year's team they are bit more balanced this season. The passing game with quarterback Jay Cutler only averages 146 yards per game and he is completing 52% of his passes. They like to throw it right at 20-25 times per game and the number one target is Dan Stricker.  Stricker has 31 catches and five of their eight touchdown passes.  Stricker is 7th in SEC history in yards and averages 15 yards per catch. The ground attack is led by freshman Kwane Doster out of Tampa, as he has gained 615yds and 3 touchdowns. He returns kicks as well and has totaled over 1,200 all purpose yards.  Cutler has rushed for 447 yards and 7 touchdown in the option attack. The offensive line has only allowed 15 sacks in 187 passing attempts and is led by guard Jim May who has started 38 straight games.

Vanderbilt Scheme:
Vandy runs the two back option with multiple looks off of it. The will run the inside and outside veer as well as some dive option. The main factor is accounting for the quarterback and his mobility. The passing game is mostly play action crossing routes with very minimal drop back passing. The drop back passes are the comeback and the fade.

Gators on the Attack:
This is assignment football and UF must be disciplined in their reads and assignments.  Alabama had success with their inside guys, so Bryan Savelio, Ian Scott and Tron Lafavor will be called  upon to disrupt and take away the first read, the fullback. The defensive ends will read fullback and quarterback forcing the pitch. Safeties Guss Scott and Cory Bailey will be major factors in the allies.  UF will play extensive packages with nickel in the game.  The corners may roll up in a "man" look but it will be more of a "cheat" zone with Keiwan Ratliff and Robert Cromartie eyeing the run.

Big Game Gators:
Bryan Savelio, Bam Hardman, Cory Bailey and Bobby McCray.

Vanderbilt Defense:
The Commodore defense, which use to be a strong suit for the program, has been void of talent the last several years. This season is no different with Vandy giving up 416 yards per game. The run defense is among the league's worst at 171 yards per game. The front seven is led by middle linebacker Hunter Hillenmeyer, who has 119 tackles and 8 tackles for loss. The next line of defense is the most talented with safeties Justin Giboney and Jonathan Shaub the next two top tacklers. The defensive line is smallish with the biggest lineman weighing 285. They have totaled only 12 sacks in 9 games and are minus 10 in the turnover margin.  Vanderbilt's best defender may be it's punter Greg Johnson who had a 70 yarder a week ago.

Vanderbilt Scheme:
For the longest time Vandy was a 3-4 team, so this season they switched under new coach Bobby Johnson to a 4-3 team. They do not have the horses up front to make plays behind the line of scrimmage. They very rarely play man because of personnel but will run a lot of zone blitz lookes.  Expect Cover "2" early in the game giving UF the middle of the field. The safeties are very active, especially in a two look.

Gators on the Attack:
Florida will try to establish the run but within the framework of the offense and complimentary to the passing game. Draw plays and zones will be the popular choice with Florida being able to get on the corner with the speed of Ran Carthon and the vision of Earnest Graham. Florida will continue it's passing attack of screens and curl routes attacking the outer thirds of the defense. Once again, this will set up the tight ends and the middle of the field. Look for Florida to run some two tight end formations, especially near the red-zone area. The last two wins Rex Grossman has made minimal mistakes and even last week's two interceptions could be excused as bad luck. Antoine Sharp could see more meaningful time and catches this week.

Big game Gators:
Earnest Graham, Aaron Walker, Carlos Perez and Max Starks.

Special Teams:
Greg Johnson is a very good punter and he also handles the kicking duties. He had a 70 yard punt a week ago.  Freshman running back Kwane Doster is a good return man as well. Look for Ingle Martin to punt first, in the place where he won three state championships.  Matt Leach will handle field goals and extra points.

How will it play out:
The Gators have to have a letdown, don't they?  Well, the fact of the matter is they can execute better in the special teams area and the red-zone.  The first couple of drives will be the key.  UF must get points and stops to eliminate any ideas of Oxford revisted.  Carthon and Ben Troupe ignite their early success. 

Gators 47-10

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