BCS Rejects "Plus One"

If you were hoping the BCS Commissioners would bow to public pressure and agree to one additional post-season college football game you can forget about it. Wednesday those who run college football's bizarre post-season shot down any thought of a game that would match the top two teams after all the bowl games had been played.

The only good thing the BCS apparently did in its three-day meetings will be to make no changes to the system for the first time ever.

I'm not the least bit surprised the "plus one" plan failed, because it created a mini-playoff of four teams and did not deliver anything in way of incentives. A better "plus one" might have been to let the major bowls go back to their traditional conference tie-ins and then have a selection committee pick two teams. That would have been a great bone to throw to the Rose Bowl, giving them back their Big Ten/Pac 10 game on an annual basis. The other bowls would also get their teams back every year, so it would be a return to "tradition", something these blow-hards love to claim.

That "plus one" format would necessitate a fifth bowl in the BCS since the homage to small conference champs makes the system include ten teams. The Citrus Bowl and Gator Bowl would like to go after that slot, as would the Cotton Bowl once it moves into the new Dallas Cowboys' stadium. Sure there would be controversy about the two teams chosen, but we have that anyway. The biggest plus would be forcing all conference champs to prove themselves on a big stage like the SEC and Big-12 champs. Sorry, ACC, your stage is the Hippodrome while the others are playing Broadway.

But no, we get more of the same. The current BCS contracts run through 2010, but the Pac 10 and Big Ten have Rose Bowl deals through 2014. If someone wants to change post-season college football it probably won't have a shot before that deal expires. If someone wants to try it they better bring two things to the table. (1) A system that would guarantee the return to traditional conference tie-ins for particular bowls. (2) A ton of cash.

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