Hornsby Actions Detestable

The arrest of now former Gator Football player Jamar Hornsby on Friday will rank as one of the most appalling cases I can remember. No, it doesn't rise to the level of violent crime as some media nitwits have insinuated, but it is one of the lowest acts ever.

The use a stolen credit card is bad. To use it 70 times over a six month period is vulgar. But to have taken the credit card from a deceased friend is downright obscene.

Imagine being part of the Slonina family, mourning the tragic death of their beautiful daughter last October. She was on the back of Michael Guilford motorcycle when it crashed, killing both of them. Now try to comprehend seeing your daughter's credit card being used over and over and over again.

Hornsby deserves the presumption of innocence in the courtroom, but in the court of public opinion that won't happen. He's already been dismissed from the team amid reports he had the card in his possession and has been videotaped using it. He was already in trouble at UF for an arrest on charges of criminal mischief. The Orlando Sentinel reports he was suspended for five games last year for selling his game tickets, and now this.

That same report shows that the card was first used on October 13th, the day after that tragic accident. It was eventually used 33 times in Alachua County and another 37 times in Jacksonville in the area near Hornsby's home.

The death of those two young people cast a pall over the Florida program last fall and was devastating to the two families. The disgraceful act of using a dead girl's credit card for personal enjoyment is about as low as you can go.

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