Haden Drawing UF Interest

He's only a sophomore, so it's a little too soon for a written offer for Jordan Haden. Schools can't send a written offer until September, but the brother of Florida corner Joe Haden received a verbal offer from Gator coach Urban Meyer over the weekend.

Talk about what the offer from the Gators means to you?

"A University of Florida offer is like a dream come true. I am very happy and this makes me want to work even harder to improve and get better. Boston College and Floria have offered me and that is awesome. Both my brothers are very happy and doing great at their schools. I am very close with both my brothers and they have both told me to do the same thing and that is to evaluate what is best for me and pray on it."

Who has offered you verbally at this time?

"It is so early in the process and I have started to get offers from several schools. Florida, BC, Illinois, Tennessee have offered me, and lots are very close and say they will offer in writing in September."

Talk about what it was like growing up with Joe and Josh and how competitive it was for you?

"Growing up in a household that is so competitive gives you an automatic edge. The games we played in the yard were the toughest I would face. My older brothers would never take it light on me and even though I am younger they would play me as hard as ever. This only made me better and more competitive."

How would you describe the relationship with your dad who is also your trainer?

"My dad has trained all of us from an early age. He has always made it more about work ethic than results. He never put pressure to get a certain amount of touchdowns or tackles but more about working your hardest and leaving it all on the field. We train four days a week and I am weighing around 200-pounds, benching 300-pounds, my 40-time is 4.43 and I am six-feet tall. I plan on attending Friday Night Lights, Boston College, Virginia, Illinois, North Carolina and West Virginia this summer."

Mr. Haden, can you explain how excited you are for your boys and the opportunities they will have to compete at the highest level?

"I am so pleased with my sons' development. They are all growing into great young men. My wife and I are so pleased. Creating a foundation with faith, character and work ethic is key. It is very humbling to see such great things happening with our boys. We are very aware that it does not happen by accident. It takes prayer, hard work and dedication. To have a son starting in the SEC and one who is at the top of the depth chart in the ACC as a true freshman is overwhelming. Then to have another who has multiple offers as a sophomore is awesome."

What does Jordan bring to the table from a football standpoint?

"Jordan has great physical tools and could play multiple positions. He can play strong safety, outside linebacker on defense and receiver or even tailback on offense. He will play a little of all those positions this year. He is blessed with great ability like his brothers, but will have more God-given size and height."

How does Jordan compare to Joe and Josh as far as being a leader?

"Jordan is more of the verbal leader than Joe and Josh. They all have their own personalities but Jordan is the comedian of the family, and much more vocal. The other two are more of the lead by example guys, but Jordan is a combination of both."

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