2009 Offensive Line Board

On the heels of the Jon Halapio commitment to the Gators, this would be a good time to lay out the rest of the offensive line board. And over the last couple of months, many have tried to project how many offensive linemen will be in this year's class, but that number is changed.

At first I maintained that the Gators would try to land five in this class, but the number is more likely to be four on the nose.

Jon Halapio looks to be a guard all the way. I spoke to Johnnie Farms on Monday and he told me that Halapio is a true beast on the offensive line. Most know that UF needs to land two tackles in this class. Don't be surprised even though he is ranked the No. 1 guard in the nation that the Gators don't slot Nick Alajajian at one of those tackle spots. Jonotthan Harrison could play tackle but the consensus is that he is a guard.

Johnnie Farms is guard all the way. This year's offensive line class could end up looking like this - Halapio, Farms, Alajajian and Harrison. That would be three guards and one tackle.

Now if the staff wants to insist on having two tackles for this year look for the second tackle to end up being Jared Wheeler. Wheeler has ties to the program and would jump at the chance to be in this year's class. The other "true" tackles that the Gators are looking at include Xavier Nixon, Chris Freeman and Eric Shrive. If any of those three wanted in, someone mentioned earlier is the odd man out. However, I believe that it is very unlikely that any of those three would end up at UF.

The thing the coaches must weigh is can a kid like Harrison end up at tackle? If not, and if they want a true tackle, then they might look in another direction, especially given the fact that he will take at least three trips over the summer and maybe more. UF might not be in a position to wait on him.

The X-Factor is Shrive, Nixon and Freeman because if any of those three wanted in, they would be included. Currently, I am under the assumption that Alajajian, Farms and Harrison will be the other three. Again though, the only thing certain in the world of recruiting is that nothing is for certain.

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