Carter with Ties to Gainesville

Cornerback Michael Carter has some serious ties to Gainesville. caught up with the Pompano Beach prospect to see how that could impact his decision.

Michael Carter profile

Can you talk about how exciting a time this is for you and your family?

"It has been an exciting time in my life and a great learning process."

Your dad updated me on your size earlier today at 6-1 and 168-pounds and mentioned that you would be in the range of 173 for your senior season. Is that a weight that best fits you and the style of play that you like as far as being a physical and aggressive type corner?

"My dad always talked to me about the weight of 175 and how it would be an ideal weight, which is my goal to reach during my senior year."

How important is it for you when deciding on a school that they allow the cornerbacks to play man coverage or press coverage?

"I like to play man coverage a lot because it makes me feel competitive when I lock down receivers."

Ever since Urban Meyer was at Utah he has stressed that he wants straight man corners so the front seven can get after the offense and dictate to them what they can and can't do. How important is that style for you when decision time comes?

"That would be a grading point."

With offers from Miami, Georgia, Clemson, West Virginia, Florida and many more, who have you been the most impressed with?

"I am impressed with them all."

To follow that up, can you talk a little bit about each of them are your top teams and why you like those particular schools?

"I am very impressed with all the schools listed particularly the Florida schools. They are close. However, I am looking for a school that will fit my style of playing, which I will feel very comfortable at."

Both of your grandparents on your father's side were born in Gainesville. Your grandmother on your mother's side lives in Gainesville and you have a few second cousins that also live in Gainesville. With the amount of relatives that you have that live that close to the University of Florida will that play any kind of role or make an impact in your decision?

"I don't feel that that would effect my decision."

I know you have been to numerous camps at the University of Florida since you were in the ninth grade. What is your comfort level with the Gator players and coaches?

"Over the years I have seen coach Meyer build a great team and I have always admired him for that. I think the players are motivated with his system. I have heard him speak numerous times about what to expect on being a great player. I have always been excited about his camps and I have learned a lot while attending his camps."

Have you thought about trying to get this process over with to concentrate on your senior season or do you think you will take it longer into the recruiting process and maybe even all the way to National Signing Day?

"I believe that after my visits, I'll talk with my parents and make the decision then."

In practice the other day you were going up against Patrick Johnson (LSU commit) and locked him down. What did that do for your confidence and how can you build on that moving forward as you prepare for your senior season?

"Me and Pat have always competed with each other. Our confidence is very high between us. I feel I am just as good as him if not better and he feels the same way."

Your dad also mentioned the ability to read the quarterback and break on the ball and how special of a talent you are with the ball in your hands. Any thoughts of playing on the offensive side of the ball at the next level or do you see yourself strictly as a corner?

"Over the years, I have been to many receiver camps and played receiver and cornerback in my youth years. I have developed a lot of instincts between the quarterback and the receiver. By playing corner, it gives me that ability to have an edge over the receiver. Yes, I would be willing to play wherever I can help the team."

Questions for Mr. Carter...

Can you talk about what it's like to be able to coach your son on a day-to-day basis and how do you separate the coach side and father side of you during practices or in games?

"One thing I would like to say is it is great coaching my son. During practice I treat him as an athlete, no different from the other players. Except when he does something wrong, then I get a bit more on him. Sometimes he will have to remind me that I'm the coach and not the dad at this time. At home, it is visa-versa. Sometimes at home I continue to coach him and he has to again remind me that we are at home."

What kind of leader is junior on and off the field?

"He leads by example. He likes to motivate the team by being a playmaker on the field. While he is off the field, he likes unity, he likes the players to come over and play games."

What are his biggest strengths and weaknesses on and off the field?

"His biggest strength is being a playmaker and strength off the field is being responsible. As for his weakness on the field, at times, Mike's desire and passion for the game will cause his emotions to get the best of him. When the team does not accomplish the goal of winning, Mike has a tendency to take it personal and can be too hard on himself for the loss."

With so many relatives that live in the Gainesville area how special would it be for you as a parent to be able to have some of Michael's grandparents be able to come watch him play?

"Any grandparent would love to watch their grandson play whereas close to home would be a convenience."

Can update me on all his stats from the ninth grade on?

"In his ninth grade year, he played quarterback.He threw for 860 yards. He ran 450 yards with four touchdowns. His sophomore year, he played his first year varsity. He played cornerback and made two interceptions and approximately 10 tackles and four breakups. His junior year he had seven interceptions, four were run back for touchdowns for a total of 198 yards. He had 45 tackles and 18 breakups."

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