Monday Chat Transcript

Each Monday at 10 p.m.,'s Jason Higdon holds a premium chat going over the past week's recruiting news. Here's the transcript from Monday, May 19 chat.

BlueGator9: Jason.. our chances with Nu'Keese Richardson?

BlueGator9: in terms of %

JasonHigdon: I would say pretty good....

BlueGator9: 90% + ?

JasonHigdon: lol

jrgator1982: 200%

JasonHigdon: more

turn1200: me too PGG, I haven't been in here in at least 3 years - Jay4 can confirm that

PalmBeachGator: do we have a mystery recruit this year?????

Gatormann: 76.3%

jrgator1982: a little early for that

JasonHigdon: you are correct about that sir

PalmBeachGator: PParker got hooked up..

BocaGtr66: Was out tonight looking for Athlon Magazine anyone have one yet?

PalmBeachGator: 1500 yards of offense back with the Noles

jrgator1982: ya he did

JasonHigdon: lets hit on the LB board for a minute

ozgator: jay any word on demps and wilson rejoining the team

PalmBeachGator: ray ray??

jrgator1982: bostic!!!

JasonHigdon: I think it is safe to say that UF has 3 at the top of the list in this order, Bostic, Jones and then Jelani

JasonHigdon: Demps may be close....

JasonHigdon: RR is a safety

ozgator: would demps play lb or DE

JasonHigdon: so he says or wants to be recruited as a safety anyways

PalmBeachGator: Bostic - out here in horse country - love the Gators in Western PBC

JasonHigdon: LB he aint playing DE on this team no way no how

JasonHigdon: I feel very strongly that at the end of the day Bosti = Gator imo

PalmBeachGator: Whatever - he can play whatever he wants if he brings his two buddies with him

jrgator1982: ya...he is one of those that you tell him he will be a safety and let him get here and see the writing on the wall....or he proves to be a beast at safety

JasonHigdon: Bostic

ozgator: if demps is back do we sign more than 2 lbs

BocaGtr66: Love Bostic

JasonHigdon: OZ, regardless of Demps UF only gets 2 LB's this year imo

PalmBeachGator: Would love to get Jones out of LSU country...

BocaGtr66: Got to get to their practice this week

ozgator: agree jay bostic and jenkins

mbrown12: if demps is back how many years would he have to play?

jrgator1982: 2

JasonHigdon: I talked to a "KEY" coach at Jarvis HS Today....UF has a good a shot as ANYONE

Gatormann: Where do we stand with Jones?

jrgator1982: i don't know much about Jarvis

turn1200: Bostic is impressive

PalmBeachGator: Nico Johnson heading to Bama?

ozgator: clemson thinks they lead for jarvis

JasonHigdon: animal is Jarvis Jones pure BEAST

JasonHigdon: PBG I spoke with him today very interested in UF but we are not and have not been recruiting him hard at all, Strong may go see him Friday fyi....

JasonHigdon: oz-not srue they think that but thats what everyone else is saying....

jrgator1982: have we offered robinson from deerfield?

ozgator: is bostic a mlb

JasonHigdon: y

JasonHigdon: I think he could play all three but thats where UF would like him yes

BlueGator9: Nick Alajajian decision.. any time soon?

ozgator: jay have you spoken to nixon yet since his visit

JasonHigdon: no only his mother, had a great time....

BlueGator9: sorry for the transition to OG from LB :D

ozgator: we have a shot at him

turn1200: I watched some Alajajian clips today - that kid was POUNDING people

turn1200: do yourself a favor if you haven't seen his vids

JasonHigdon: 1200 he is a beast beast I say

ozgator: farms film is good to

turn1200: He was like Brock Lesnar out ther

turn1200: e

JasonHigdon: Nick will decide in July from what he has said

BlueGator9: what about Jaamal Berry? OSU? :(

jrgator1982: what kind of vibes did you get from carter and his father?

ozgator: we are gonna get 4 great olinemen in this class

JasonHigdon: 9-Berry has to get his grades going from what I heard, but its OSU and UF for him right now imo...

PalmBeachGator: whoa... A Brock Lesnar sighting... putting guys in submission holds...

ozgator: rather get richardson than berry

PalmBeachGator: roar

JasonHigdon: yes we are Oz, great vibes 1982-more so from the dad then junior.........imo...

JasonHigdon: but UF is on a lot of CB's types....

jrgator1982: more grounded than PJ?

PalmBeachGator: Dee Finley eligible?

BlueGator9: why richardson over berry? (curious to know)

JasonHigdon: spoke with him today it should be official Friday...he will text me as soon as he walks

ozgator: think carter goes to the canes

JasonHigdon: Richardson can flat out play.....

ozgator: richardson is a tougher runner than berry

JasonHigdon: dont sleep on Ben Axon either....he could very well end up in this class...

jrgator1982: berry has dead leg?

ozgator: we have elusive backs in rainey,james and demps

BlueGator9: how about both Berry and Richardson (or am I greedy?)

ozgator: we dont have room for 2 rbs

turn1200: Coach Carter?

BlueGator9: what if both commit though?

BocaGtr66: Michael Carter coach

BlueGator9: would we close the doors as soon as one of them commits?

ozgator: unlikely coaches would take commitments from both

JasonHigdon: they wont 9, staff wont allow it they will take one and if I was a betting man I would say that they have Richardson above Berry right now....

PalmBeachGator: we take 3 wideouts this year?

jrgator1982: you know if we offered denard or just talking?

ozgator: agree jay

JasonHigdon: yes we did 82

BocaGtr66: yes we have 82

JasonHigdon: a while ago

jrgator1982: ooh...

JasonHigdon: UF been on him a while now

ozgator: jay think newton has moved to the top of the qb board

jrgator1982: what do the canes want from him? they picked up 3 qb's in the last class

JasonHigdon: PBG we would take three no question about it

JasonHigdon: yes

PalmBeachGator: richardson, dubose.. who for three?

Gatormann: Is Nukeese next on deck?

ozgator: meyer is all over newton

jrgator1982: brown

JasonHigdon: marlon brown

PalmBeachGator: that would be big - put us in top 5 class with those three

jrgator1982: would we take denard and newton?

ozgator: jay i think braxton lane may get in this class

BocaGtr66: any more update on the Sanford three?

JasonHigdon: oz, Pachall is not going to come to UF.......Jordan Reed and Morgan Newton are the top two right now imo and Kevin Newsome UF will continue to recruit

jrgator1982: are we recruiting denard as a qb or athlete?

ozgator: i like newton over reed

PalmBeachGator: Eugene Smith out?

BlueGator9: pick one option:(1)c. newton = m.newton (2) c.newton m.newton (3) c.newton

JasonHigdon: oz he very well could no question about it and things have been picking up a bit between the two as was explained to me by Braxton and his HC Chip Walker

ozgator: lane is a great athlete could play either wr or cb kingjosh2310 Quit (Web Browser closed)

PalmBeachGator: damn.. that's like a SAT question

jrgator1982: 2

jrgator1982: cam has played college ball

BlueGator9: 1982, compare both coming out of HS

JasonHigdon: PBG he is falling a bit for more than a few different teams right now....

jrgator1982: cam was highly recruited

JasonHigdon: MN faster quicker delievery

ozgator: i think eugene smith ends up at auburn

jrgator1982: good fit for him

BocaGtr66: we have not given up on smith

jrgator1982: are we recruiting denard as a qb or ath?

BocaGtr66: qb

PalmBeachGator: What about Petey Smith - he played with MP right?

ozgator: would not mind taking denard as a 2nd qb

BocaGtr66: Jay seminole three latest?

jrgator1982: kid has moxy...went into MNW and almost came out with a victory

JasonHigdon: no on him PBG

JasonHigdon: right now as a QB but that will change imo

BocaGtr66: Denard has that "IT" his leadership is He wills his team to win

JasonHigdon: 66-all is same with those three

jrgator1982: he marched them down against MNW and had them set up for the game winning score from like 2 yard line....unfortunately he didn't get it...but impressive for Jr qb

BocaGtr66: Jay what abot Tx RB Christine Michael

BocaGtr66: 82 talked with coach Taylor Denard missed the read the whole was to the right he went left and got stopped on 1 yd line

JasonHigdon: no reason to talk about him right now 66 far off on the radar so to speak

PalmBeachGator: Lamar Miller -

PalmBeachGator: Cane lock?????????

BlueGator9: we recuiting any DT hard this year? any possibilities to land stud DT this year?

jrgator1982: that sucks...

jrgator1982: blue...we have one committed

PalmBeachGator: reid

PalmBeachGator: brown

PalmBeachGator: halapio

PalmBeachGator: need to add to this list

jrgator1982: hopefully will on may 30th

JasonHigdon: another DT could pop up

PalmBeachGator: Miller should wait and see how many games the Canes lose before he commits..

jrgator1982: it won't matter

PalmBeachGator: Robert Marve is going to have major road rash from that pitchers mound...

BocaGtr66: Miller still has work to do in the classroom

jrgator1982: he should wait to see their OL board and how that shapes up too....but it probably won't matter either

PalmBeachGator: they're going to sign another 40 players to make sure half qualify

ozgator: think we skip on another dt unless davis fails out

jrgator1982: lol..they signed 2 OL in the last class and both are likely to not make it in

ozgator: biggest difference between our team and canes and noles is oline recruiting

jrgator1982: yup

PalmBeachGator: beee... aaa.. youtiful..

BlueGator9: dream list: shepard + brown/miller + logan + brown + debose + nixon + Alajajian + Davenport + kasa + ray-ray + Kirkpatrick

BlueGator9: well it is a dream

ozgator: canes are really gonna struggle this year at oline

jrgator1982: fox is a good player

jrgator1982: but thier interior sucks

PalmBeachGator: and FSU lost one for the year as well...

ozgator: fox is weak

PalmBeachGator: And we are stacked..

ozgator: youngblood is a bust

jrgator1982: they have shannons FIU transfer as their expected starting center

BlueGator9: wow!

ozgator: couldnt be worse than the center last year

ozgator: wollschlager

PalmBeachGator: after the brawl, he decided to join the helmet swingers...

jrgator1982: you think the sanford 3 all end up at the same school?

PalmBeachGator: where's the new mod? would like to get his POV on some of this...

BlueGator9: Chris Davenport looks like a beast.. any chances?

BlueGator9: any chances to land him?

JasonHigdon: and 82 I at the end of the day will be a bit shocked if they all end up at the same school.....

jrgator1982: i offered my services but was declined

JasonHigdon: no 9

PalmBeachGator: you're a lose cannon

ozgator: think ray ray ends up at lsu

JasonHigdon: ok see you guys next Monday and post your questions on the board...

JasonHigdon: thanks

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