Joakim's Troubles Noah Big Deal

Well Joakim Noah has been on "Around the Horn" and "P.T.I." and he has guaranteed himself a new round of heckling for his second season in the NBA.

Other than that the legal issues surrounding the former Gator star don't amount to a hill of beans. Noah will pay his fines and won't have any other issues unless he screws up in a significant way during his six month probation.

Now you guys should have a pretty good idea that I am not someone who tolerates miscreants easily. However I'm also a Libertarian at heart and find laws regarding marijuana possession and open containers to be unnecessary infringements on our rights. The idea that it's okay to drink a beer in a bar, but not outside on the sidewalk is preposterous. Of course it's not surprising that Gainesville has such laws considering lunatic left-wingers that sit on the commission and have far more interest in managing our daily lives than performing their duties.

Noah's arrest and the subsequent national discussion is not a big deal at all, but it will contribute to a mis-perception about who he is and what he's all about. That should disappear quickly since the Bulls are a safe bet to be the most improved team in the NBA next season. You take an underachieving team; give them the first pick in the entire draft and a new coach and you go from the lottery to the top half of the conference just like that. Assuming Noah progresses in his second pro season this incident will be long forgotten, except by those who foolishly believe Gainesville is a safer place because we arrest people who walk the streets with a drink in their hands.

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